learning the meaning of very useful words in spanish : )  

Title: learning the meaning of very useful words in spanish : )
Location: Madrid, Spain

Life here in Madrid is truly like a siren call, many speculate that I will never make it back to the States. Today I really enjoyed the class. I found out what "joder" is. Pardon my French for those of you who speak Spanish. =P Bovi tried to explain to me but I didn't understand at the time. I asked Maria, my teacher, and she explained in great detail. It's my first bad word in Spanish. =P Apparently the little kids say "jo" kind of like how Americans say "fudge" when they don't want to say the f word. Then I figured out what "Vas a matar" means also, probably useful since I'm always running late to everything these days. This along with "Que vas hacer que no!" (No way no how, or equivalent of get lost) are all pretty useful to know. I think some of the new American students in the class are very uncooperative and very annoying. One girl's face seem to be set in a permanent scowl (not sure how to spell this right now), and the other boy is not much better, very cynical, as if that were cool. If they didn't want to learn, why did they sign up for the class? I heard them bitch about the class in English after class one day. I was going to start talking to them but then decided not to because of their bitching. Maybe they are just too young to appreciate anything. Tuesdays and today I pretty much took it easy and did nothing, sleep a lot. I need to catch up on my sleep, can't get enough. I enjoy the Spanish Classes though!

Popular Phrase: present tense of er | Time in Spanish | Conjugated Verb: ironizar - to ridiculize, to treat ironically [ click for full conjugation ]