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Tengo unos "pelos" horribles, así que tengo que ir a la peluquería urgentemente.
I have horrible hair, so I have to go urgently to the hairdresser.
Europa lo necesita urgentemente.
Europe is sorely in need of one.
Debemos actuar urgentemente.
We must take action urgently.
Necesita ayuda financiera urgentemente.
Its need for funding is acute.
Hay que actuar urgentemente.
There is an urgent need to act.
Necesitamos presentar eficacia urgentemente.
We badly need to introduce efficiency.
Japón necesita ayuda urgentemente.
Japan has urgent need of aid.
¿Qué podemos hacer urgentemente?
What can we do as a matter of urgency?
Creo que es urgentemente necesario.
I see this as compellingly necessary.
Necesitamos urgentemente una acción comunitaria.
We urgently need to take action at Community level.
Acordamos atender esta cuestión urgentemente.
We agreed to give urgent attention to that.
Debemos exigir urgentemente su retirada.
We must urgently demand their departure.
Se necesita urgentemente más investigación.
More research is urgently required.
Necesitamos urgentemente tres avances cruciales.
We urgently need three crucial advances.
Hay que tomar medidas urgentemente.
This needs to be undertaken urgently.
Deben de ser simplificados urgentemente.
They urgently need to be simplified.
Señorías, hay que progresar urgentemente.
Honourable Members, progress has to be made and be made urgently.
Ese retraso debe desaparecer urgentemente.
There is some urgent catching up to be done.
Hay que remediar urgentemente esa carencia.
This omission must be remedied as a matter of urgency.
Estos recursos son, sin embargo, urgentemente necesarios.
In fact, these appropriations are urgently needed!
Por ello necesitamos urgentemente esta reforma conjunta.
That is why we urgently need this joint reform.
Necesitamos disponer urgentemente de los programas específicos.
We urgently need the specific programmes.
Esta espiral de violencia debe detenerse urgentemente.
This spiral of violence must now be broken as a matter of urgency.
Estos acuerdos deben revisarse o eludirse urgentemente.
These agreements must be urgently revised or circumvented.
Se necesita urgentemente ayuda de emergencia.
Emergency help is urgently needed.
Esto es algo que necesitamos urgentemente.
That is something we urgently need.
Es preciso recuperar urgentemente esta relación.
We must try to rebuild this relationship as a matter of urgency.
¡Ahí es donde hay que actuar urgentemente!
This is where action is urgently needed!
Tengo entendido que abordará urgentemente esta cuestión.
I understand that it will have her urgent attention.
Le ruego que estudie esta cuestión urgentemente.
I would ask you to look at this matter urgently.
Es necesario actuar urgentemente en este terreno.
There is an urgent need for action here.
Europa necesita hacer lo mismo urgentemente.
Europe is in urgent need of it.
Es urgentemente necesario que tomemos medidas.
Action is really desperately needed.
Tenemos que actuar urgentemente y ahora mismo.
We need urgent action and we need it now.
También se requieren urgentemente medidas militares.
Military measures are also urgently required.
Necesitamos urgentemente una fuerza internacional en Gaza.
We need an international force in Gaza as a matter of urgency.
Es necesario cambiar urgentemente esta tendencia.
There is an urgent need to alter this trend.
Queremos que la Comisión responda urgentemente.
We want the Commission to respond as a matter of urgency.
Reclamo urgentemente que se haga así.
I would urgently appeal for this to be the case.
Necesitamos revisar urgentemente nuestro proceso legislativo.
We urgently need a review of our legislative process.
La Comisión debe abordar esta cuestión urgentemente.
And the Commission needs to address this issue urgently.
Esperamos urgentemente su respuesta, señor Comisario.
Your response, Commissioner, is urgently awaited.
Este informe necesita urgentemente adquirir impulso.
There is an urgent need to develop the momentum behind this report.
Por consiguiente, la transparencia es urgentemente necesaria.
Transparency is therefore urgently required.
Ahora hay que detener urgentemente esta carnicería.
The carnage must be stopped now as a matter of urgency.
Necesitamos urgentemente coordinación presupuestaria, económica e industrial.
We urgently need budgetary, economic and industrial coordination.
Debería proponerse urgentemente una gobernanza económica.
Economic governance should now be proposed as a matter of urgency.
(DE) Señora Presidenta, necesitamos urgentemente esta revisión.
(DE) Madam President, we urgently need this review.
Es necesario urgentemente adoptar medidas pragmáticas.
Pragmatic measures must urgently be taken.
Así pues, necesitamos urgentemente una unión económica.
Therefore, we urgently need an economic union.
Por tanto, hay que actuar urgentemente.
There is therefore an urgent need to act.

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