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¿Cómo se dice?
How does one say?
Se dice que las tumbas de los obispos fueron encontradas por los obreros durante la restauración de la capilla.
It is said that the tombs of the bishops were found by the workers during the restoration of the chapel.
¿Cómo se dice ... en español?
How does one say ... in Spanish?
Se dice que los bomberos encontraron muchas víctimas bajo los escombros de los edificios.
It is said that the firemen found many victims under the rubble of the buildings.
¿Cómo se dice "many people" en español?
How does one say "many people" in Spanish?
Se dice que el león es el rey de la selva.
It is said that the lion is the jungle's king.
Se dice que el rey se casó con la reina en esta capilla.
It is said that the king married the queen in this chapel.
Se dice que esas joyas son muy valiosas.
It is said that those jewels are very valuable.
Se dice que el palacio será usado por el gobierno como museo.
It is said that the palace will be used by the government as a museum.
Se dice que ganar por primera vez te da mucho placer.
People say that winning for the first time is very pleasing.
¿Cómo se dice "libro" en inglés?
How do you say "libro" in English?
Se dice que tiene un amante.
They say she has a lover.
Se dice que la artista no es buena.
It is said that the artist is not good.
¿Cómo se dice "OK" en español?
How do you say "OK" in Spanish?
Se dice querer protegerlos.
We say that we want to protect human rights.
Se dice que participamos.
We are supposed to have a share in decision-making.
Se dice desde hace siglos.
That has always been the case down the centuries.
Se dice tan sólo esto.
That is all it says!
¡Nada se dice al respecto!
Not a word has been said about this!
El acta dice lo que dice y lo que dice refleja lo que se dijo.
The Minutes say what they say and what they say reflects what has been said.
Se me dice que esto se hará mañana.
I have been told that this might be the case tomorrow.
Ahora bien, todo esto no se dice aquí.
It has all gone quiet now.
La UCK se ha disuelto, dice.
The NLA has been dissolved, so it claims.
Como se dice popularmente, 'hay que fastidiarse?.
We just have to put up with it, as it were.
Lo que ahí se dice es falso.
There is something wrong with it.
Esto no es lo que se dice aquí.
This is not what is said here.
Se dice muy claramente que no es así.
It is made very clear that this is not the case.
Ahora se nos dice que es insuficiente.
Now we are told it is insufficient.
Solo nos afirmamos oponiéndonos, se dice.
It is said that we can only make our mark by opposing.
Usted dice que se identifica con uno.
You say you stand for one.
Pero no se dice nada sobre el resto.
The rest, however, remains unsaid.
Se dice que no lo ha hecho.
It has been said that he did not do so.
Se dice que sin solidaridad no habrá Unión.
It is said that without solidarity there will be no Union.
No dice cómo se logrará dicho objetivo.
You do not say how that target will be achieved.
Se nos dice que funcionará vigorosamente.
We are told that this Treaty will operate vigorously.
Se nos dice que necesitamos más Europa.
We are told that we need more Europe.
También se dice en el Libro Blanco.
The White Paper says so too.
Pero aquí incluso se dice algo.
But in this case, there actually is some substance there.
Ahora se dice que nos dicen «no».
And now it is supposedly giving it the thumbs down.
«No estás en tu país», se les dice.
'You do not belong here' they are told.
¿Qué se le dice, en definitiva?
After all, what was Slovakia told?
Así se dice en nuestra enmienda.
This proposal is set out in our amendment.
Y ¿qué se dice en la reglamentación?
And what do the rules say?
En inglés se dice: «the best and most sophisticated intelligence» .
The English phrase is 'the best and most sophisticated intelligence'.
Como se dice en nuestra propuesta...
As we stated in our motion...
Siempre se dice, con frecuencia se dice que el Parlamento no está del lado del Consejo.
People always, or rather, often, say that the Parliament is not on the same side as the Council.
Se ha visto en los referendos: Francia dice no, los Países Bajos dicen no e Irlanda dice que no.
This has been seen in referenda: France says no, the Netherlands says no, and Ireland says no.
Segundo: siempre se dice que se gasta mucho dinero.
Secondly, it is always being said that a lot of money is being spent.
Se dice que afirmó: «Se me ha acusado injustamente.
He is quoted as saying: 'I have been wrongly accused.
En inglés, se dice que se ha tocado techo.
In English, they say they have reached the ceiling.
¡Se trata de una gran ambición para Europa, se dice!
Everyone talks about great ambitions for Europe!
No se le conoce. Si se dice entonces: ¿no es Pinochet?
When they say, well, is it not Pinochet?
Se dice una cosa y se hace lo contrario.
What is said is one thing, but what actually happens is the complete opposite.
Una regla mercadotécnica bien conocida dice que un cliente insatisfecho se lo dice a once personas mientras que una persona satisfecha solo se lo dice a cuatro.
One well-known rule of marketing says that a dissatisfied customer tells eleven people and that a satisfied person only tells four people.
En España se dice la carta a los Reyes Magos.
In Spain they say a letter to the three kings.
Siempre se dice: pensar globalmente y actuar localmente.
We are always saying think globally, act locally.
Dice que parte de ellas se han solucionado y parte no.
He says some of them have been satisfied and others have not.
Se nos dice: pasemos de 350 gramos a 150 gramos.
We are told we should change the limit from 350 grammes to 150 grammes, or even 50 grammes.
Dice que a veces no se sabe a qué hay que atenerse.
According to her, sometimes one does not know where one stands.
Se dice no obstante que en Feira volverá a hablarse de sanciones.
It is nonetheless being mooted that the sanctions will be brought up again in Feira.
Quisiera que se corrigiese lo que dice el Acta.
I would like to amend what is in the verbatim report.
Usted me dice, señor Presidente Hatzidakis: se necesitará más dinero.
Mr Hatzidakis, you tell me more money will be needed.
Se dice que podremos disminuir los pesticidas en la agricultura.
We are told that we can reduce the number of pesticides used in farming.
El Sr. Bush dice que la economía americana se lesionaría.
President Bush states that the United States' s economy would be damaged.

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