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Por favor, no se mueva.
Please don’t move.
¿Se las diste?
Did you give them to him?
Bueno, se lo llamaré.
OK, I’ll call him for you.
¡No se peguen!
¡Don't hit each other!
Se nos olvidó a nosotros.
We forgot.
María se puso enferma.
Mary got sick.
No se ensucien.
Do not get yourselves dirty.
¿Qué se extiende?
What is being stretched?
Cuanto más se tiene, tanto más se quiere.
the more one has, the more one wants
¿Cómo se dice?
How does one say?
Mi perro se escapó.
My dog ran away.
¿Dónde se encuentran ellos? Se encuentran en el restaurante.
Where do they meet? They meet in the restaurant.
Juan se puso triste.
John became sad.
Se puso enfermo.
He became sick. (masculine)
Él se hizo abogado.
He became a lawyer.
Se me olvidó la tarea.
I forgot my homework.
Se espera que se pueda restaurar el Palacio.
It is hoped that they can restore the palace.
Se me perdió mi libro.
I lost my book.
Juan se lo dio.
John gave it to her.
Se declararon desorientadas.
They said they were confused.
Se muestran evasivos.
They look evasive.
¿Usted se peina sola?
Do you fix your own hair?
¿Se lo comió?
Did he eat it?
Nosotros se los dimos.
We gave it to them.
Se esta ahogando.
He's drowning.
Él se lava.
He washes himself.
¿Se siente mejor?
Is he feeling better?
Se lastima.
He gets hurt.
no se moleste
don't get upset
Yo se lo di.
I gave it to her.
Se hizo famoso.
He became famous.
Se alegraron.
They were happy.
Se quieren / Se aman.
They love each other.
Por favor, no se mueva.
Please don’t move.
¿Cómo se llama?
What is your name?
No se preocupe.
Don’t worry.
Todos se equivocan.
Everyone makes mistakes.
¿Se cayó?
Did you fall?
No, se queda allí.
No, it stays there.
Mi PC se perdió.
My computer was lost.
Ramón se pierde rápidamente.
Ramón gets lost quickly.
Hola, ¿se encuentra Silvia?
Hello, is Silvia there?
No se mueva.
Do not move.
¿Qué se creían?
Who do they think they were?
Se lo dice.
It is said.
¿Se conocen ustedes?
Do you know each other?
Cuando se van, se pone triste.
When they leave, she becomes sad.
Yo se lo daré.
I will give it to them.
El se puso pálido.
He became pale.
Él se viste.
He dresses himself.
Ella se viste.
She dresses herself.
Si se fuera a España se compraría turrón.
If he went to Spain, he would buy nougat candy.
¿No se aburre usted?
Don't you get bored?
Se lo dimos ayer.
We gave it to them yesterday.
¿Dónde se cayó Ud.?
Where did you fall?
¿Quiénes se inscribieron ayer?
Who registered yesterday?
Él nunca se queja.
He never complains.
Se busca secretario.
Secretary wanted.
Se busca recepcionista.
Receptionist wanted.
Se quita el sombrero.
She takes off her hat.
Se llama Rebecca.
Her name is Rebecca.
Él se fue a Canadá.
He went to Canada.
Cuando la supervisora se jubile, se va a sentir mejor.
When the supervisor retires, she's going to feel better.
Se mira pero no se toca.
One can look, but one can't touch.
Ella se lava.
She washes herself.
Él se lava.
He washes himself.
Ella nunca se queja.
She never complains.
Ella se acuesta.
She lies down.
Él se acuesta.
He goes to bed.
Ella te peina.
She combs your hair.
Él se peina.
He combs his hair.
Se la admitirán.
They will admit it.
Se la dio.
He gave it to her.
Se nota que no se atreve a hablar.
You can tell he doesn't dare to speak.
Se la has abierto.
You have opened it for them.
¿A qué se dedica?
What is your profession?
¿Se aceptan dólares?
Are Dollars accepted?
¿Se aceptan euros?
Are Euros accepted?
Él se peina rápido.
He combs his hair quickly.
¿Cómo se escribe?
How do you write it?
¿Se los puedes prestar?
Can you lend it to them?
Como se lo digáis, se va a enfadar.
As you all say it to him, he is going to get angry.
Él nunca se queja.
He never complains.
Muchas ventanas se rompieron.
Many windows were broken.
Se cayeron varias tazas.
Several cups fell on the floor.
Se acabó el gas.
There's no more gas.
No se hablan.
They don't speak to each other.
Se me olvidaron los papeles.
I forgot the papers.
¿Se siente los brazos?
Do you feel your arms?
Ella probablemente se sentía mal cuando se fue.
She probably was feeling bad when she left.
¿ Cómo se llama ella?
What's her name?
Juan, no se lo prestes.
John, don't lend it to her.
¿Se lo puedes dar?
Can you give it to him?
Yo no se conducir.
I don't know how to drive.
Se busca dependienta
shop assistant wanted
Se destruyó el pueblo.
The village was destroyed.
¿Se baja (usted)?
Are you getting off?
Se destruyeron los pueblos.
The villages were destroyed.
Se destruyó la ciudad.
The city was destroyed.
No se lave usted.
Don't wash yourself.
¿Se discute, se vota y se condena?
Is this being discussed, voted on and condemned?
No se altere.
Please do not get excited.
Se corregirá.
I am sure this will be corrected.
No se comprometen.
They will not commit themselves.
No se puede.
That is simply not possible!
No se recuperan.
You do not recover from it.
Se descontroló.
It got out of control.
¡No se celebrarán!
They will never take place!
Se divide y se enreda.
It is divided and getting bogged down.
Si no se ve, no se cree.
It was something that you had to see with your own eyes to believe.
No se arrepentirán, se lo garantizo.
They will not regret it, I can guarantee that.
Se cambió pero no se canceló.
It was commuted but not cancelled.
Se miente y se engaña.
It is full of lies and deception!
Se insta, se recomienda, se pide, se insiste mucho, pero a mi parecer se exige demasiado poco.
Appeals are made, recommendations are made, requests are made, things are emphasised, but, in my view, far too little is demanded.
Se asesina, se amenaza y se veja a periodistas.
Journalists are being killed, threatened and persecuted.
Se añade, se modifica, se cambian los Tratados.
Through such agreements, we add things, we amend things, we change the Treaties.
Se amplió y se prolongó la escolaridad.
Learning has become broader and longer.
Se pide más y no se consume.
More is requested and then is not used.
Los combates no se ganarán ni se perderán.
The conflict will neither be won or lost.
Por eso se propone que se suprima.
This is why we are proposing that it be removed.
¿Se reabrirá a los TIR? ¿No se reabrirá?
Will it reopen to heavy goods vehicles or not?
No se puede negar que se cometieron errores.
There is no denying that mistakes have been made.
Los bienes se compran y se venden.
Goods are bought and sold.
No se reescribirá Niza, esto se ha rechazado.
There is to be no rewriting of Nice - that has been refused.
Los árboles se talan o se queman.
Trees fall over or burn down.
Aquello se emitió y se debatió.
That was broadcast and discussed.
Cuando no se tiene confianza, no se inviste.
When we do not have confidence, we do not invest.
No se consiguió lo que se había programado.
What was planned was not achieved.
Se habla mucho, pero se actúa poco.
A lot of talking is going on, but there is very little action.
No se presentan pruebas, no se celebran juicios.
No evidence is produced, no trials take place.
No se indicó qué agencias se verían afectadas.
It was not indicated which agencies would be affected.
Esto no se llama equidad; se llama oportunismo.
This is not fairness; this is opportunism.
Se trata de permitir que se formen.
It is a question of allowing them to train.
Se puede mejorar y se mejorará.
It can - and it will - be improved.
Mientras más se hace, más se quiere.
A lot done; a lot more to do.
Si se es pobre, se sufre.
If you are poor, you suffer.
Se acordó que se celebraría un acuerdo.
It was agreed that there would be an agreement.
Si las empresas se desarrollan, se invertirá.
When businesses develop, investment will follow.
Señorías, solo se valora, solo se aprecia...
Ladies and gentlemen, we only value, we only appreciate ...
No que se revoca sino que se invalida.
Not just repealed, but invalid.
Se avanza lentamente, pero se avanza.
We are making slow progress, but we are making progress.
Se podía votar donde se desease votar.
Now they were also allowed to vote wherever they wanted.
¡Así no se construye Europa, sólo se administra!
This is not a recipe for shaping Europe, but merely for administering it.
La confianza no se decreta, se gana.
Confidence is not decreed; it is earned.
Se establecen reglas, pero estas no se cumplen.
Rules are laid down but not obeyed.
Se han cometido y se cometerán errores.
Mistakes have been and are still being made.
Se me dice que esto se hará mañana.
I have been told that this might be the case tomorrow.
Se puede llamar a esto como se quiera.
You can call it what you like.
Aquí, o se toma o se deja.
In this case we cannot have it both ways.
Nunca se sabe si no se omite nada.
You never know whether you have got everything.

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