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¿Qué opinas al respecto?
What do you think about it?
Yo advertí al respecto.
I warned you about that.
No tengo información a ese respecto.
I have no information on this subject.
Oiremos mucho al respecto.
We have not heard the last of this.
Debemos pronunciarnos al respecto.
This is something that must be addressed.
No existen dudas al respecto.
There is no ambiguity in this respect.
Seamos claros al respecto.
Let us be clear about that too.
¿Existen datos al respecto?
Are any figures available on this?
¿Hay planes al respecto?
Are there such plans in the pipeline?
¿Qué haremos respecto a Chechenia?
What will we do as regards Chechnya?
Seamos positivos al respecto.
Let us be positive about it.
Existen precedentes al respecto.
We have precedents for this.
Hay discusiones al respecto.
There are discussions about this.
Tenemos proyectos al respecto.
We have projects concerning it.
Tenemos legislación a este respecto.
We have legislation on the subject.
Necesitamos certezas a este respecto.
We need assurance on this point.
No existe consenso al respecto.
There is no consensus on this.
Pedimos explicaciones al respecto.
That is something that should be explained to us.
No he oído nada al respecto.
I have not heard anything about it.
Tengo confianza a este respecto.
I feel confident enough in that respect.
Seamos realistas al respecto.
Let us get real about this.
A este respecto soy optimista.
I am optimistic about this.
No he escuchado nada a este respecto.
I have heard nothing on this matter.
¿Qué haremos al respecto?
What will we do about this now?
¿Qué proponemos a este respecto?
What are we proposing on this issue?
Hagamos algo al respecto.
Let us do something about it.
A este respecto necesitamos claridad.
We need clarity in this area.
A este respecto no puedo contradecirles.
On that point, I cannot contradict you.
Presentamos recomendaciones a ese respecto.
We made recommendations in that regard.
No me hago ilusiones al respecto.
I have no illusions about this.
¿Sabe algo al respecto?
Do you know anything about this matter?
No existe discusión al respecto.
There is not debate about that.
¿Podría responder al respecto?
Could you respond to this?
No hay duda al respecto.
There can be no doubt about this.
Seamos claros al respecto.
Let us be clear on that.
Trabajaremos juntos a este respecto.
We will do it together.
Seamos claros al respecto.
Let us be clear about that.
Seamos claros a este respecto.
Let us be clear about that.
Necesitamos reflexionar al respecto.
We need to give this some thought.
¿Qué opina al respecto?
What is your answer to that?
Presentaré propuesta a este respecto.
I will come forward with proposals on this matter.
Quiero tranquilizarles a este respecto.
I want to reassure you on that point.
Respecto del informe Nordmann:
In respect of the Nordmann report:
Respecto del informe Ford:
In respect of the Ford report:
Existen precedentes al respecto.
There are already precedents in this respect.
Debemos recapacitar al respecto.
We will certainly have to consider this.
No debo pronunciarme respecto a posibilidades.
I cannot talk about eventualities.
Señoría, me informaré al respecto.
I shall look into the matter, Mr Watson.
¡Si recapacitasen al respecto!
If you would just consider that for once!
No nos distinguiremos a este respecto.
We do not set ourselves apart in this respect.
¿Podrían responderme al respecto?
Can we perhaps have an answer on this?

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