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Para resolver la disputa sobre la propiedad, nosotros necesitamos el documento catastral.
To solve the dispute about the property, we needed the property value documents.
¿Ya habrán sido resueltos los problemas ténicos de la fábrica?
Do you think the technical problems of the factory have been solved?
¿Habéis resuelto vuestras diferencias ya?
Have you all resolved your differences?
¿Pudiste resolver el problema?
Were you able the solve the problem?
Con llevarnos un infiernillo, asunto resuelto.
By taking a kerosene heater with us, the matter was resolved.
Tuve algunos asuntos que resolver.
I had some matters to resolve.
Buscamos una solución para resolver el problema.
We looked for a solution to solve the problem.
Esto es lo que yo hago: todos los días resuelvo problemas sociales.
This is what I do: every day I solve social problems.
El problema de la deuda externa es tan complejo que no ha sido resuelto.
The problem of foreign debt is so complex that it hasn't been resolved.
¿Será ésta una pista definitiva para resolver el caso?
Will this be an important clue in solving the case?
¿Resolviste los problemas de algebra?
Did you solve the algebra problems?
Con frecuencia el no resuelve adecuadamente los problemas.
Frequently he does not solve problems adequately.
Los Ings. Ruiz y Guzmán han resuelto problemas mucho más dificiles que ése.
Messrs. Ruiz and Guzmán have solved much harder problems than that one.
Anoche nos faltó resolver un ejercicio. Lo hicimos hoy antes de la clase.
Last night, we didn't do one exercise. We did it today just before class.
Anoche nos faltaba resolver un ejercicio cuando tú llegaste.
Last night, we still had one exercise to do when you came.
Nosotros no podemos resolver este problema.
We can't solve this problem.
Ellos no pueden resolver este problema.
They can't solve this problem.
¡Es increíble que no puedas resolver este problema tan fácil!
I can't believe that you can't solve such an easy problem!
Me faltó resolver los problemas de álgebra.
I did everything but my algebra problems.
No recuerdo cómo se resuelven.
I do not remember how to solve them.
Es un problema que ya está resuelto.
It's a problem that is already resolved.
Para resolver la disputa sobre la propiedad, nosotros necesitamos el documento catastral.
To solve the property dispute, we need the document describing the property division.
Mi hermano pasó toda la tarde resolviendo unos problemas de álgebra.
My brother spent all afternoon working on some algebra problems.
Debemos resolver esos problemas.
We must solve these problems.
¡Cuántos conflictos sin resolver!
There are so many unresolved conflicts!
Debemos intentar resolver esto.
We should try to deal with that.
¿Qué queda por resolver?
What remains to be resolved?
Era importante resolver los problemas.
It was, of course, important to solve problems.
Tenemos que resolver esta cuestión.
We must find a solution to this.
Resolver estos problemas requiere tiempo.
It takes time to tackle these problems.
Esto no empieza a resolver los problemas.
That does not begin to solve the problem.
¿Cómo pretende resolver este problema?
How do you intend solving this problem?
La Comisión debe resolver esto.
The Commission needs to address this.
Quedan muchos problemas por resolver.
There are a lot of issues to be resolved.
Debemos resolver las "cuestiones pendientes".
We should be resolving the 'outstanding issues'.
¿Vamos a poder resolver la situación?
Are we able to resolve the situation?
¿Vamos a resolver todos los problemas?
Are we going to solve all the problems?
¿Cómo podemos resolver el problema?
How can we tackle this problem?
Entonces podremos resolver muchos problemas.
Then we will be able to resolve a great many problems.
Quedan muchos problemas por resolver.
There are still many problems to be dealt with.
Debemos resolver todas estas cuestiones.
We must resolve all these matters.
También evita resolver la cuestión.
It also avoids resolving the issue.
No hemos podido resolver estos problemas.
We have not been able to solve the issues.
Es urgente resolver esta cuestión.
Solving this issue is a matter of urgency.
Esta cuestión sigue sin resolver.
This issue has not been resolved yet.
Es necesario resolver estos problemas.
These problems must be resolved.
¿Cómo podemos resolver este dilema?
How do we face that dilemma?
Se va a resolver ese problema.
The problem will be solved.
¿Cómo vamos a resolver ese problema?
How will we solve this problem?
No podemos resolver uno sin resolver el otro; debemos resolver ambos a la vez.
We cannot solve one without solving the other; we must resolve both in parallel.
¡Sólo así conseguiremos resolver también este problema!
That is the only way to get a grip on the problem.
Su intención es resolver un problema complejo.
It is trying to solve a difficult problem.
Pero quedan otros problemas por resolver.
There are, however, other problems that have not been resolved.
Debemos resolver esto entre las tres instituciones.
We need to resolve this between the three institutions.
Pero no es una situación imposible de resolver.
It is not impossible to solve, however.
"Tenemos que resolver la cuestión irlandesa".
"We have to resolve the Irish question."
Sería oportuno contribuir a resolver este caso.
It would be appropriate if Parliament could help to resolve this matter.
La legislación no puede resolver todos estos problemas.
Legislation cannot solve all of these problems.
Hemos podido resolver algunas materias complejas.
It has been possible to solve a number of difficult issues.
Estamos muy lejos de resolver esa dificultad.
We are a long way from solving that one.
¿Cómo podemos intentar resolver la situación?
How can we try to resolve the situation?
Para resolver ese problema necesitamos cooperación, no conflictos.
We need cooperation, not conflict, to resolve this particular problem.
Declaro mi incapacidad para resolver este problema.
I must state that I am unable to resolve the problem.
¿Cómo se puede resolver este problema?
What can be done about this?
Es otro problema que queda por resolver.
This problem too still needs solving.
Sería positivo poder contribuir a resolver este problema.
It would be a good thing if we could help to resolve this problem.
Traten de resolver el problema escuchándonos.
Try to resolve the problem by listening to us.
No es un problema fácil de resolver.
It is not an easy problem to overcome.
La Comisión podría decidirse a resolver estos problemas.
The Commission could decide to set about solving these problems.
Hay que resolver esto en la comisión.
We need to resolve this in the committee.
Todos sabemos qué puntos quedan por resolver.
We all know what points remain to be resolved.
Los retrasos no ayudarán a resolver estos problemas.
Delays will do nothing to resolve these issues.
Nadie puede resolver el conflicto por ellos.
No one else can solve the conflict for them.

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