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La liebre es principalmente un animal nocturno.
Hares are mainly nocturnal animals.
Las lechuzas son principalmente aves nocturnas.
Owls are mainly nocturnal birds.
Suelen desempeñarlas principalmente mujeres.
They tend to be mainly women.
Pienso, principalmente, en los jóvenes.
I am thinking in particular of young people.
Centrémonos principalmente en estas cuestiones.
Let us mainly focus on these issues.
¿En qué consiste esto principalmente?
What is this about, first and foremost?
A este respecto, me refiero principalmente a Turquía.
With respect to all this, I am mainly talking about Turkey.
Estos apartados eran principalmente repeticiones.
These paragraphs were mainly repetitions. The final result is also OK.
Mi informe se ocupa principalmente del pasado.
My report deals primarily with the past.
Esto significa principalmente bajar los precios.
That mainly means reducing prices.
Las apoyamos, principalmente en el plano ético.
We support them, particularly from an ethical standpoint.
Ello se debe principalmente a dos factores.
This is caused mainly by two factors.
Con esto me refiero principalmente al Consejo.
This applies not in the least to the Council.
Me gustaría centrarme principalmente en tres puntos fundamentales.
I would like to focus on three points.
El motivo fue, por supuesto, principalmente político.
The reason for this was, of course, mainly political.
El desastre golpeó principalmente a las clases bajas.
The disaster mainly hit the grass-roots classes.
Se ocupa principalmente de los problemas administrativos.
It deals mainly with administrative problems.
La cooperación significa principalmente «fuga de cerebros».
Cooperation primarily means ‘brain drain’.
¿Se está refiriendo principalmente al Derecho penal?
Are you mainly referring to criminal law?
Tienen lugar principalmente en las ciudades.
They are mainly in the cities.
Es, principalmente, el resultado de tres factores.
First, many of the challenges facing us today are impossible to contest.
Tengo miedo principalmente de dos cosas.
I have two principal fears.
Principalmente intentamos lograr un enfoque global.
We are primarily striving for a global approach.
El segundo aspecto es principalmente político.
The second aspect is mainly political.
Las víctimas son principalmente peatones y ciclistas.
The victims are mainly pedestrians and cyclists.
Hoy lo hace principalmente con Ucrania.
Today this is principally affecting Ukraine.
Principalmente, por supuesto, en caso de catástrofe.
Primarily, of course, in the event of disaster.
Sin embargo, eso depende principalmente de ellos.
That, however, depends primarily on them.
Estoy pensando principalmente en dos aspectos.
I am thinking mainly of two aspects.
Se trata principalmente de las personas.
It is all about people.
El problema de Grecia es principalmente político.
Greece's problem is mainly political.
Son principalmente productos financieros con riesgos no desdeñables.
They are mainly financial products with non-negligible risks.
Resulta principalmente de fundamentos económicos sanos.
It results principally from sound economic foundations.
Gira principalmente en torno a las carreteras.
This seems to be mostly about roads.
Existen precedentes, el del año pasado principalmente.
I also have some doubts as regards the Commission.
Además, las responsabilidades familiares recaen principalmente sobre ellas.
What is more, women bear the main responsibility for family matters.
Esto se refiere principalmente a Líbano, Argelia, Siria, etc.
This particularly concerns Lebanon, Algeria, Syria, etc.
En cuanto a requisitos técnicos, el informe trata principalmente dos aspectos.
With regard to technical requirements, the report mainly deals with two aspects.
No a la globalización sin solidaridad, principalmente con los países desarrollados.
We reject globalisation that offers no solidarity, particularly to the developed countries.
Las posiciones más altas están ocupadas principalmente por hombres.
Top jobs are mainly held by men.
(NL) En la actualidad, las personas se consideran principalmente consumidores.
(NL) These days, people are mainly seen as consumers.
Sin embargo, me gustaría centrarme principalmente en tres puntos fundamentales.
I would, however, just like to focus on three points.
Esta divisoria digital se refiere principalmente a las mujeres.
This digital divide applies mainly to women.
La respuesta está, principalmente, en manos de los Ministros.
The answer lies primarily in the hands of the ministers.
Es principalmente importante por motivos políticos y éticos.
It is important primarily for political and ethical reasons.
Mi comisión se ha ocupado principalmente de cuatro áreas.
My committee was mainly concerned with four areas.
El informe se centra principalmente en los tres puntos siguientes:
The report concentrates mainly on the following three points:
Hay una buena razón para que principalmente hablen mujeres.
It is for good reason that it is mainly women who are speaking here.
Esto afecta principalmente a tres países, a saber, Francia, Alemania y Portugal.
This mainly concerns just three countries, namely France, Germany and Portugal.
Hay tres puntos, pero principalmente quiero mencionar el primero.
There are three points but I mainly want to mention the first to you.
No obstante, limitaré mi intervención principalmente a los bloques temáticos mencionados.
However, I shall confine myself mainly to the thematic entities I have mentioned.
Los nuevos empleos que se crean exigen principalmente cualificaciones especiales.
The new jobs that are being created mainly demand special skills.

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