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Estaba ocupado con otra cosa.
He was busy with something else.
Antes de que te vayas, quiero preguntarte una cosa más.
Before you go, I want to ask you one more thing.
Bueno, sí, ahorramos dinero en cada cosa pero al fin gastamos más.
Well, yes, we save money on each item but we spend more in the end.
Me gustaría saber sólo una cosa más.
I would like to know just one more thing.
Otra cosa.
Another thing.
Algo mejor / Una cosa mejor
something better
Para cualquier cosa que necesite, llame a recepción
For anything you need, call the reception.
estar a punto de
to be about to do (something)
Es cosa de todos los días.
It's a daily thing.
Una cosa es que hayas hablado con Jorge, otra cosa es que te aproveches del espacio que él te dio.
It is one thing is that you have spoken with Jorge, but another thing is that you take advantage of the space he gave you.
Otra cosa / Algo distinto
something else
Es cosa de todos los días.
It's an every day thing.
Alegrarse con anticipación de una cosa / Estar ilusionado con algo
To look forward to something
Otra cosa/ Algo distinto
something different
No es cosa tuya / No es asunto tuyo
that's no business of yours
Mejor hablemos de otra cosa.
Let's just talk about something else.
¿Cuándo se ha visto una cosa semejante?
Have you ever seen such a thing?
¿Quedó alguna cosa pendiente por hacer?
Was there anything outstanding left to do?
Carlos vio tele toda la noche y ahora está durmiendo. ¡Qué cosa! ¿Qué vio?
Carlos watched TV all night and now he is sleeping. Wow! what did he watch?
El asunto es urgente / Es cosa urgente
the matter is urgent
No es cosa tuya / No es asunto tuyo
that's no business of yours
No puedo hacer otra cosa que
I can't do anything other than
hablar de una cosa.
to talk about something
En un año, ahorró él más de $1,200 solo por hacer esa cosa fácil.
In one year he saved over $1,200 by just doing that simple thing.
Tengo una cosa que decirte.
I have something to tell you.
No puedo hacer otra cosa que
I can't do anything other than
¿Le molestaría mucho si le pregunto una cosa más?
Would you mind terribly if I asked you one more thing?
No mucho/ No gran cosa
not much
La cosa marchó sobre ruedas
it went smoothly / without a hitch
¿Cuándo se ha visto una cosa semejante?
Have you ever seen such a thing?
Ocuparse de una cosa
to be busy with something
Vaya cosa, yo casi hago escalera de oro.
My goodness! I almost made a straight of diamonds.
¿Cuándo se ha visto una cosa semejante?
Have you ever seen such a thing?
El asunto es urgente / Es cosa urgente
the matter is urgent
Primera cosa.
That is the first thing.
No podemos hacer otra cosa.
We can hardly do otherwise.
Hoy, es cosa hecha.
Yet this is now being done.
Quisiera puntualizar una cosa.
I would like to make something clear.
No podríamos aceptar otra cosa.
Nothing else would be acceptable to us.
Tal cosa no existe.
There is no such thing.
Es buena cosa.
That is a good thing.
Me gustaría decir una cosa.
I should like to say one thing.
Y una última cosa.
I want to say one last thing.
No. Es otra cosa.
No, it is something else.
No podía hacer otra cosa.
It could do nothing else.
No nos separa gran cosa.
There is not much dividing us.
¿Puedo preguntarle una cosa?
May I ask you something?
No puedo añadir gran cosa.
I cannot add very much.
He escuchado otra cosa.
I have heard this in a different way.
Dejemos una cosa clara.
Let me make something clear.
No sería mala cosa.
That would be no bad thing.
Me gustaría aclarar una cosa.
I would like to clarify one thing.
No existe tal cosa.
There is no such thing.
Son la misma cosa.
They are the very same, identical thing.
No puede aceptarse tal cosa.
If we hand over the right to decide on these matters to the EU, what is the next step?
Me gustaría resaltar una cosa.
I would like to highlight something.
Me gustaría señalar una cosa.
I would like to make one point.
¡Cada cosa a su tiempo!
One thing at a time!
Una cosa más.
I have one more thought.
Me gustaría añadir otra cosa.
There is one more thing.
No son la misma cosa.
The two are not the same.
Me gustaría subrayar una cosa.
I would just like to underline one thing.
Sólo pidieron una cosa.
They only asked for one thing.
Quisiera corregir una cosa.
This is one more thing I would like to mention.
Es una buena cosa.
It is a good thing.
No es tal cosa.
It is no such thing.
No puedo hacer otra cosa.
I cannot do anything else.
Dejemos clara una cosa.
Let us be clear on one thing.
¡Cosa, a mi juicio, inadmisible!
In my view that is unacceptable!
Porque no olviden una cosa.
Because there is one thing you should not forget.
No hemos hecho tal cosa.
We did not do so.
Reconozcámoslo: no gran cosa.
Let us face it, not a lot.
No quiero otra cosa.
This is all I ask.
Yo no he dicho otra cosa.
That was all I said.
Una cosa está clara.
One thing is sure: the Americans will never deviate from the 'first to invent' principle.
Una última cosa.
Let me say one last thing.
Cuando una Presidencia no entiende una cosa, hace cualquier cosa.
When a presidency has not understood a thing, it does just about anything.
Quisiera pedir una última cosa.
Might I just ask for one more thing?
Debo desaconsejar seriamente tal cosa.
I must issue a strong warning against doing any such thing.
O una cosa u otra.
You cannot have it both ways!
La cosa es de importancia.
It is a matter of some importance.
¡Eso ya sería otra cosa!
That would be something else!
Seamos claros sobre una cosa.
Let us be clear about one thing.
He aquí también una cosa importante.
This is another important point.

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