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Me contagias tu felicidad.
You transmit your happiness to me.
No te acerques, me puedes contagiar.
Don’t come near me, you can infect me.
No te deprimas, no me vayas a contagiar.
Don’t get depressed; don’t go spreading it to me.
El bebé puede contagiar.
That baby is contagious.
Además, el brote de cólera ya ha causado 3 500 muertos y podría contagiar a miles de personas más.
In addition, the recent cholera epidemic which has already killed over 3 500 people is still putting thousands of people at risk.
La carne fresca de animales vacunados porta virus, y podría contagiar a animales sanos que se alimentaran con desperdicios de estos mismos.
Fresh meat from vaccinated animals carries the virus and may infect healthy animals that feed on swill containing it.

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