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Él paga una considerable suma de impuestos.
He pays a considerable amount as tax.
Es un precio considerable.
The price tag is high.
Es un cambio considerable.
This is a considerable step forward.
Es un porcentaje considerable.
This is a considerable percentage.
Este es un logro considerable.
This is a significant achievement.
Una suma considerable, a mi parecer.
That is a considerable sum, in my view.
Lo considero un avance considerable.
I see this as a considerable advance.
Aquí tenemos una tarea considerable.
We have a huge task here.
Gozamos de un privilegio considerable.
We enjoy a very considerable privilege.
Todo esto constituye un considerable avance.
All this does constitute substantial progress.
Este cambio de temperatura es bastante considerable.
In terms of average temperatures this is a very great change.
Es considerable, incluso casi inadmisible, evidentemente.
This is a considerable number, and it is obviously unacceptable.
Se trata realmente de un logro considerable.
This is indeed a considerable achievement.
La diferencia es por tanto bastante considerable.
The difference is therefore considerable.
Ofrecen una ayuda considerable a las comunidades locales.
They provide substantial support for local communities.
Pienso que esto supone un avance considerable.
I believe this represents a considerable step forward.
Se trata de un avance considerable.
This is a significant move.
Las negociaciones han permitido un progreso considerable.
The negotiations have enabled considerable progress to be made.
Por tanto, hay aquí una laguna considerable.
There is therefore a significant shortcoming.
Se trata de una ventaja considerable.
That is a considerable advantage.
Espero una mejora considerable en segunda lectura.
I am hoping for a considerable improvement at second reading.
En Georgia ha surgido una oposición considerable.
Considerable opposition has emerged in Georgia.
Esto es de una importancia considerable.
That is of considerable importance.
Estos residuos constituyen un desafío ambiental considerable.
This waste presents a considerable environmental challenge.
Así que el coste sería considerable.
So the costs are very substantial.
Esto permitiría ahorrar una suma considerable.
This would save quite a considerable amount.
Reducirlo a 1 ppm es un logro considerable.
To come down to 1 ppm is a significant achievement.
Es una cantidad considerable que asumir.
That is quite a lot to take on.
Esa es una partida de gastos considerable.
That is a serious figure.
Así pues, es un error bastante considerable.
So it really is a bit much.
El potencial de empleo también es considerable.
Employment opportunities are also considerable.
Eso demuestra que el interés era considerable.
That shows there was more than a little interest.
Nuestro presupuesto para ayuda es considerable.
Our aid budget is considerable.
Por ello, hay una cantidad considerable de enmiendas.
We therefore have a number of amendments.
Esperamos destinar una suma considerable a la mejora del sistema sanitario.
We expect to dedicate a considerable sum to improving the healthcare system.
También es una ayuda considerable para aquellos que regresan a casa.
It is also of significant help to those who subsequently return home.
Nosotros tenemos una considerable influencia como donante principal.
We have considerable influence as a major donor.
Comprenderá usted que la diferencia es realmente considerable.
You can understand that the difference is a very substantial one.
Constituye un avance considerable con respecto al actual sistema internacional.
This is a considerable improvement on the current international system.
A pesar de las dificultades, el trabajo realizado es considerable.
Despite the difficulties, the work that has been carried out is considerable.
Este es un tema de considerable importancia para las personas.
This is an issue which is of considerable importance to people.
El resultado final es, pues, un aumento considerable del RAL.
The final result is therefore a considerable increase in the RAL.
Sin embargo, se ha conseguido un considerable progreso.
It is, however, a very substantial move forward.
Vd. ha dicho que Chipre ha experimentado un progreso considerable.
You said that Cyprus has made substantial progress.
Hay que dar un salto considerable para recurrir a la violencia.
A considerable leap is required to resort to violence.
Sin embargo, tenemos un margen considerable en 2004.
However, we have a considerable margin in 2004.
Ya estamos haciendo un esfuerzo considerable en este sentido.
We are making a considerable effort in this direction.
En mi opinión, esto supone un paso adelante considerable.
In my opinion, this is a considerable step forwards.
La Comisión sigue concediendo una importancia considerable a esta propuesta.
The Commission continues to attach considerable importance to this proposal.
De modo que existe un potencial considerable en este ámbito.
So there is indeed considerable potential in this area.
La Unión aportará además ayuda humanitaria considerable a Sudán y Darfur.
The Union will also give Sudan and Darfur substantial humanitarian aid.

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