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Alonso se afeita la barba.
Alonso shaves his beard.
Si nos afeitamos con el grifo abierto gastamos mucha agua en cada afeitada.
If we shave with the faucet open, we will use too much water in each shaving.
Juan se afeita todos los días.
Juan shaves every day.
Él estaba afeitándose.
He was shaving himself.
¿Te afeitas ahora?
Are you shaving now?
El se afeita todas las mañanas.
He shaves every morning.
Carlos necesita afeitarse.
Carlos needs to shave.
Me afeito a diario.
I shave daily.
Si te afeitas a diario te sale más barba.
If you shave daily, more beard you will have.
¿Con que cuchilla os afeitais?
With which razor blade do you guys shave?
¿Porque no se afeitan?
Why do they not shave?
¿Desde cuándo no te afeitas? ¡Pareces un puerco espín!
You didn't shave since when? You look like a porcupine!
El no se afeitó esta mañana.
He didn't shave this morning.
El no se ha afeitado durante una semana.
He hasn't shaved in one week.
Me voy a afeitar mas tarde.
I am going to shave later.
Roberto va a afeitarse.
Roberto is going to shave (himself).
Pepe se afeita antes de acostarse.
Pepe shaves before going to bed.
Roberto se afeita en la ducha.
Roberto shaves in the shower.
Roberto se afeita todas las mañanas.
Roberto shaves every morning.

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