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"El Lago de los Cisnes" es un ballet clásico.
"The Swan Lake" is a classic ballet.
La bailarina baila ballet.
The dancer does ballet.
"Yo miro espectáculos de ballet, show, chicas guapas".
"I watch dance shows, entertainment shows and programmes with beautiful girls in".
Abandonó una lucrativa carrera en el Bolshoi y regresó para recrear nuestro ballet desde la nada.
She left a very lucrative career with the Bolshoi to come back and recreate our ballet group from scratch.
Y pidamos música al cielo para que Spandau Ballet vuelva a formarse.
And praise ring in the heavens, for Spandau Ballet have re-formed!
Me refiero, por ejemplo, a la bienal de arte, la feria del libro, el festival de ballet o la feria de muestras de La Habana.
I am referring, for example, to the art biennale, the book fair, the ballet festival or the trade fair in Havana.

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