Spanish Word for something  

English Word: something

Spanish Word: algo, un poco
The Spanish Word for something
Now you know how to say something in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'something'
to give something to someone
regalar algo a alguien
Do you want give something to the doctor?
¿Desea entregar algo al doctor?
We’d like something to eat.
Nos gustaría comer algo.
Do you all want to drink something?
¿Quieren tomar algo ? ¿ Quieren ustedes tomar algo ?
Don't you understand something?
¿No entiende algo?
You have never seen something similar.
Nunca has visto algo parecido.
He told me something in a quiet voice.
Me dijo algo en voz baja.
Do you feel something in your eye?
¿Siente algo en el ojo?
Is something wrong with him?
¿Le ocurre algo ?
We felt like drinking something.
A nosotros nos apetecía tomarnos algo.
She wanted you to give her something.
Quería que le regalaras algo.
something better
Algo mejor / Una cosa mejor
to take advantage of something
aprovecharse de algo
Does it mean something?
¿Significa algo?
I am looking for something fast and spectacular.
Estoy buscando algo rápido y espectacular.
something for a bad toothache
algo contra un fuerte dolor de muelas
What do you prefer, to think about something or to celebrate something?
¿Qué preferís, pensar algo o celebrar algo?
Do you have any identification, or something that indicates your address?
¿Tiene alguna identificación o algo donde esté su dirección?
You ask for something.
Pides algo.
I have to go to the hairdresser to do something with my hair.
Tengo que ir a la peluquería para hacerme algo en el pelo

That is something we have to do.
Es algo que debemos hacer.
We should do something about this.
Deberíamos hacer algo al respecto.
We have to do something about that.
Tenemos que hacer algo al respecto.
What we do not do is do something about it.
Pero no hacemos nada.
We have to do something.
Tenemos que hacer algo.
But it does something more than that.
Aunque va un poco más lejos.
That is why we had to do something.
Este es el motivo por el que tenemos que hacer algo.
If so, we should do something about that.
Si es así, deberíamos hacer algo al respecto.
That is what we should do something about.
Es por ello por lo que hemos de hacer algo al respecto.
We have to do something about this.
Tenemos que hacer algo a este respecto.
This is something we are doing.
Es algo que hacemos.
We have to do something about that.
Tenemos que hacer algo al respecto.
There is something in that.
Algo de eso hay.
So we all have to do something about this.
Todos tenemos que hacer algo al respecto.
We have to do something about it.
Tenemos que reaccionar ante esto.
It is not something you do yourself.
Eso no se es porque sí.
We have to do something about it.
Debemos hacer algo en contra.
It is something we have a great responsibility to do something about.
Tenemos la obligación de hacer algo al respecto.
That is something we must do something about.
Esto hemos de resolverlo.
That is something that, emphatically, we must do something about.
Es imperioso hacer algo al respecto.
It is not something with which we are born, but something that we have to earn.
No es algo con lo que nacemos, sino algo que podemos adquirir.
It is a problem where we have deforestation, and that is something that we could do something about.
Es un problema allá donde existe deforestación y eso es algo a lo que podríamos poner remedio.
It is something that we need to do something about.
Tenemos que hacer algo al respecto.
It should not be dramatised into something more than that.
No se debe dramatizar y atribuirle mayor importancia de la que tiene.
We need to do something about it.
Tenemos que hacer algo al respecto.
That is not something to be proud of.
No es un muy buen resultado que digamos.
This is something we know about.
Esto se sabe.
That would be something else!
¡Eso ya sería otra cosa!
This is something of which I am convinced.
De eso estoy convencido.
Perhaps you could do something for me.
Tal vez usted pueda hacer algo por mí.
That is something at least.
Esto también se utiliza como reclamo publicitario.
But we need something more.
Pero necesitamos aún más.
We need to do something about it.
Tenemos que hacer algo al respecto.
That is something I cannot understand.
No lo entiendo.
This is not something we should agree with.
Es algo con lo que no deberíamos estar de acuerdo.
That is something I regret.
Es lamentable.
This is something we deplore.
Lo lamentamos.
That is something I know.
Eso lo sé.
That is something for which I would thank you.
Gracias por ello.
That is something to celebrate.
Eso merece ser celebrado.
And that is something that I cannot accept.
Y no puedo aceptarlo.
There is something wrong there.
Esto no está bien.
That is something we have no problems with at all.
A nuestro juicio es totalmente acertado.
This is something that is on the increase.
Esta es una situación que se está extendiendo.
This is something that has not been faced up to.
Esto es algo que no se ha afrontado.
That is something that we both regret.
Esto es algo que los dos lamentamos.
That is something I welcome.
Es decir, que debe seguir existiendo un marco reglamentario con una limitación temporal.
That, then, is something I value.
Doy importancia a esto.
That is something that I welcome.
Lo saludo.
This is something we cannot allow!
No debemos permitirlo.
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