Spanish Verb Conjugation - ponerse  

Spanish Verb Conjugation
Spanish Verb: ponerse
English Translation: put on (clothes), commence
We're sorry, but this verb has not been conjugated yet.

Translated sentences containing 'ponerse'

Mis hermanas siempre se quejan de que no tienen qué ponerse.
My sisters are always complaining that they don't have a thing to wear.
Yo me puse enfermo.
I got sick. (masculine)
María se puso enferma.
Mary got sick.
Me pongo traje sólo para las entrevistas de trabajo.
I only wear suits for work interviews.
Nunca me pongo corbata para ir a la escuela.
I never wear a tie to go to school.
ponerse el sombrero
to put on one's hat
Juan se puso triste.
John became sad.
Los chicos se pusieron tristes.
The boys became sad.
Se puso enfermo.
He became sick. (masculine)
Póngase la máscara de oxígeno.
Put on your oxygen mask.
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