Spanish Verb Conjugation - hacerse  

Spanish Verb Conjugation
Spanish Verb: hacerse
English Translation: become
We're sorry, but this verb has not been conjugated yet.

Translated sentences containing 'hacerse'

Él se hizo abogado.
He became a lawyer.
Estas tareas deberían hacerse cada vez.
These tasks should be done each time.
Estas tareas deberían hacerse todos los dÍas.
These tasks should be done every day.
Estas tareas deberían hacerse semanalmente.
These chores should be done weekly.
Mi hermana se hizo monja.
My sister became a nun.
hacerse extraer una muela
to have a tooth pulled out
Se hizo famoso.
He became famous.
Antes de poder sacar libros de la biblioteca, necesita hacerse un carnet de usuario.
Before borrowing books from the library, you need a user card.
A su vuelta de Inglaterra se obsesionó con La Biblia y quiso hacerse teólogo.
Upon his return to England he became obsessed with the Bible and he wanted to become a theologian.
Hacerse pedazos
to fall to pieces
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