Spanish Verb Conjugation - burlar  

Spanish Verb Conjugation
Spanish Verb: burlar     
English Translation:
to deceive, trick; to seduce

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Notes: Regular. Note: The reflexive formburlarse is used as to joke;burlarse (de alguien/algo) = tomock, ridicule, make fun (of someone/something).


  inglés yo él/ella/usted nosotros/-as vosotros/-as ellos/ellas/ustedes
Present I deceive, am deceiving burlo burlas burla burlamos burláis burlan
Present Perfect I have deceived he burlado has burlado ha burlado hemos burlado habéis burlado han burlado
Imperfect I was deceiving, used to deceive, deceived burlaba burlabas burlaba burlábamos burlabais burlaban
Preterite I deceived burlé burlaste burló burlamos burlasteis burlaron
Past Perfect - Pluperfect I had deceived había burlado habías burlado había burlado habíamos burlado habíais burlado habían burlado
Future I will deceive burlaré burlarás burlará burlaremos burlaréis burlarán
Future Perfect I will have deceived habré burlado habrás burlado habrá burlado habremos burlado habréis burlado habrán burlado
Conditional I would deceive burlaría burlarías burlaría burlaríamos burlaríais burlarían
Conditional Perfect I would have deceived habría burlado habrías burlado habría burlado habríamos burlado habríais burlado habrían burlado
Preterite Perfect I had deceived hube burlado hubiste burlado hubo burlado hubimos burlado hubisteis burlado hubieron burlado


  inglés yo él/ella/usted nosotros/-as vosotros/-as ellos/ellas/ustedes
Present I deceive, am deceiving burle burles burle burlemos burléis burlen
Present Perfect I have deceived, deceived haya burlado hayas burlado haya burlado hayamos burlado hayáis burlado hayan burlado
Imperfect I deceived, was deceiving burlara
Past Perfect - Pluperfect I had deceived hubiera burlado
hubiese burlado
hubieras burlado
hubieses burlado
hubiera burlado
hubiese burlado
hubiéramos burlado
hubiésemos burlado
hubierais burlado
hubieseis burlado
hubieran burlado
hubiesen burlado.
Future I will deceive burlare burlares burlare burláremos burlareis burlaren
Future Perfect I will have deceived hubiere burlado hubieres burlado hubiere burlado hubiéremos burlado hubiereis burlado hubieren burlado


  inglés yo él/ella/usted nosotros/-as vosotros/-as ellos/ellas/ustedes
Affirmative Imperative Deceive!   burla burle   burlad burlen
Negative Commands Don't deceive!   no burles no burle   no burléis no burlen

Other Forms

Present Participle deceiving burlando
Past Participle deceived burlado
This verb table is based upon the work of Professor Fred Jehle of Indiana-Purdue University. The verb tables can be found at

Translated sentences containing 'burlar'

El cómico se burló de los políticos.
The comedian made fun of the politicians.
Ya se había burlado de la ley muchas veces.
He had already evaded the law many times.
Yo me burlo de mis propios errores.
I make fun of my own mistakes.
El siempre intenta burlar las reglas del juego.
He always tries to get around the rules of the game.
El ladrón burló a la policía.
The thief got away from the police.
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