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Spanish Word: ya

English Translation: already, certainly, indeed; =---- no=, no longer

Translated sentences containing 'ya'
Ya no aguanta más.
He (she) can't stand it anymore.
¿Ya se apuntó para hoy?
Did you already sign up for today?
Ya vuelves a las andadas.
Already you're going back to your old ways.
¿Ya conociste a mi hermano?
Did you already meet my brother?
Ya entiendo, camionetas por aquí.
I understand, trucks over here.
(Concluyo ya.)
(I am about to finish.)
Hagámoslo ya.
Let us do it now.
Ya estoy...
I am already looking ...
Hoy ya no.
This is no longer the case.
Ya termino.
I will leave it there.
No debemos ya, no podemos ya decepcionarles.
We must not, we cannot, disappoint them any more.
Eso ya no es tolerable.
This is no longer tolerable.
Eso ya no es tolerable.
This is no longer tolerable.
Eso ya no es tolerable.
This is no longer tolerable.
Ya la tenemos.
This has now been done.
¡Cambien ya de actitud!
Do not continue in this vein!
Ya existe una infraestructura.
We already have an infrastructure.
Demos empezar a trabajar ya.
Action must get under way immediately.
Ya recogía esta cuestión.
This question was raised in that document too.
Ya no toleran ser engañados.
They should no longer be deceived.
Ya se mencionó anoche.
This was already mentioned last night.
Eso ya sería algo.
This would be some achievement.
Señor Presidente, ya termino.
I will end, Mr President.
Señora Read, ya he entendido.
I understand what you are saying, Mrs Read, and the presidency takes note of your comment.
Ya lo he dicho.
As I, in fact, said.
Las escuelas ya no funcionan.
Schools can no longer remain open.
Están ya bien definidas.
These are already well defined.
Así, pues, ¡ya estamos!
So there you have it!
Esa estrategia ya existe.
That strategy has already been put in place.
Eso ya no es aceptable.
This is no longer acceptable.
Ya lo he dicho públicamente.
I have said it in public.
Ya no cumplen su cometido.
They no longer fulfil their purpose.
Hoy ya no es así.
That is no longer the case.
Ya iba siendo hora.
This is not a day too soon.
Ya hemos esperado demasiado.
We have already waited too long.
Kaliningrado ya no es Königsberg.
Kaliningrad is not Konigsberg any more.
Ya no es una política...
This is no longer a policy ...
Eso ya está creado.
This has now been created.
¿Existe ya una idea?
Do you already have a ballpark figure?
Eso ya no es posible.
That is no longer possible.
Esto ya no resulta aceptable.
This is no longer acceptable.
- Ya no le queda tiempo.
You do not have any time left.
Ya las hemos cumplido.
We have now met both.
Ya las hemos hecho.
We have already done that.
Ya no hay exclusión.
There is no exclusion any more.
Ya las conocen.
You know what they are.
Ya he mencionado esto explícitamente.
I have already mentioned that specifically.
¿No estaré matando ya?
Am I not already killing?
Ahora ya no lo temo.
But I no longer have any such fears.
¡Ya es muy tarde!.
It is already long overdue.
Tengámoslo ya presente.
Let us keep this in mind.
Ya lo ha sido.
That has already become apparent.
Hoy, eso ya no vale.
That is no longer the case today.
Ya hemos conseguido mucho.
We have achieved a great deal already.
Dichas alternativas ya existen.
Such alternatives do exist now.
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