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Spanish Word: zapatería

English Translation: shoemaker's trade

Translated sentences containing 'zapatería'
Tú corriste a la zapatería.
You ran to the shoe store.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  zapatero - shoemaker
  zapato - shoe
  zapatón - clumsy shoe
  zarzuela - a kind of operetta
  zona - zone
  zumbido - humming, buzzing
  hola - hello, hi
  buenos días - good morning
  almohadilla - pad
  actuación - emerge
  testamento - last will, will
  aguante - stamina
  penetrable - plumbable
  engañar - betray, mislead, beguile, circumvent,...
  en barco - by boat
  paperas - mumps
  empedernido - confirmed
  quién - who, whom
  subelemento - sub- element
  menesteroso - underprivileged

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