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Spanish Word: vigilante

English Translation: adj., watchful

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  vigilante - watchman
  viniera - past subj., first form, of [venir]
  vino - past abs. of [venir]
  vino - wine
  violencia - violence
  virgen - virgin
  virrey - viceroy
  virtió - past abs. of [verter]
  virtuoso,virtuosa - virtuous
  virtuoso - virtuoso
  visita - visit
  vista - view, sight, prospect
  vistió - past abs. of [vestir]
  visto - p.p. of [ver]
  viva - pres. subj. of [vivir], as exclalong...
  vivo,viva - alive, bright; =---- retrato=, living...
  vizcaíno,vizcaína - Biscayan, of Biscay
  volviendo - pres. part. of [volver]
  voy - pres. of [ir]
  voz - voice

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