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Spanish Word: vista

English Translation: view, sight, prospect

Translated sentences containing 'vista'
¿Ha notado cambios en la vista?
Have you noticed changes in your vision?
¿Usted ha sido vista por algún otro médico?
Have you been seen by any other doctor?
a primera vista
at first sight
conocer de vista
to recognize someone by sight
Cuando te vi bajar la escalera, fue amor a primera vista.
When I saw you coming down the stairs, it was love at first sight.
No perdamos esto de vista.
Let us not lose sight of that.
Hizo la vista gorda.
They closed their eyes to it.
No podemos perderla de vista.
We really are going to have to keep an eye on this.
No perdamos de vista lo fundamental.
Let us not lose sight of the fundamentals here.
No debemos perder de vista esto.
We must not lose sight of that.
¡Espero sus puntos de vista!
I now look forward to your viewpoints.
Comparto su punto de vista.
My view is his as well.
El resultado salta a la vista.
The result is there for everyone to see.
No comparto su punto de vista.
I do not share his enthusiasm.
Esto no debemos perderlo de vista.
That is something we must not go and lose.
Existen varios puntos de vista.
We have a number of viewpoints.
No hay nada más a la vista.
There is nothing else in sight.
No debemos hacer la vista gorda.
We must not adopt a blinkered approach.
A la vista son muy diferentes.
Visibly they are quite different.
No hay ninguna mejoría a la vista.
There is no improvement in sight.
No podemos hacer la vista gorda.
We cannot simply look away.
A primera vista parece muy sencillo.
It seems so simple at first sight.
Esto también está a la vista.
That too is already in the offing.
Se puede ver a simple vista.
You can see it with the naked eye.
No perdamos de vista este dato.
Let us not lose sight of that fact.
La verdad salta a la vista.
The truth is plain to see.
No compartimos este punto de vista.
This is a view we do not in any way share.
El patrón de intimidación salta a la vista.
The pattern of intimidation is clear.
Ya no podemos hacer la vista gorda.
We can no longer afford to cover the above issues with the cloak of charity.
No podemos perder eso de vista tampoco.
We cannot lose sight of them either.
Desde el punto de vista político, ineficaces.
Politically speaking, they are ineffective.
No debemos perder de vista este hecho.
We must not lose sight of that.
Ese es nuestro punto de vista fundamental.
That is our strong view.
Los primeros resultados están a la vista.
Initial results are already visible.
Éste no es sólo mi punto de vista.
This is not just my own view.
A primera vista se trata de señales esperanzadoras.
These are, in themselves, promising signs.
Nosotros no compartimos este punto de vista.
We do not share this view.
También hay otro punto de vista.
There is also another point of view.
La Comisión comparte su punto de vista.
The Commission agrees with her view.
Es un punto de vista que comparto.
That is a view that I share.
Sus efectos positivos saltan a la vista.
The positive effects flowing from this are self-evident.
El Consejo no tiene punto de vista.
The Council has no view.
Nuestros puntos de vista están sumamente alejados.
Our points of view are oceans apart.
Pueden manifestar un punto de vista opuesto.
You can express a contrary view.
De ahí mi punto de vista.
That is why I have come to this viewpoint.
Estos son puntos de vista importantes.
These are important points of view.
No puedo apoyar este punto de vista.
I cannot support that view.
Tenemos en cuenta su punto de vista.
Her point has been taken.
Su culpabilidad está a la vista de todos.
Their guilt is there for all to see.
No podemos perder de vista el pasado, nunca.
That past must not disappear from sight, ever.
A primera vista, todo parece bastante simple.
At first glance, everything would appear to be quite straightforward.
Mi punto de vista es el contrario.
I am of the opposite view.
Comparto, pues, este punto de vista.
I therefore share this point of view.
Yo no comparto este punto de vista.
That is not a perspective that I share.
No debemos perder nunca de vista esta idea.
This is a dimension of which we must never lose sight.
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