Spanish / English Dictionary: vizcaíno,vizcaína  

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Spanish Word: vizcaíno,vizcaína

English Translation: Biscayan, of Biscay

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  volviendo - pres. part. of [volver]
  voy - pres. of [ir]
  voz - voice
  vuecelencia - contraction of [vuestra excelencia],
  vuelo - flight
  vuelta - turn, return; [de ----], back
  vuelto - p.p. of [volver]
  vuestro,vuestra - your
  vulgar - common, ordinary
  vulgo - rabble, common people
  wagneriano,wagneriana - Wagnerian
  Wáshington - a state of the United States
  y - and
  ya - already, certainly, indeed; =----...
  yerro - error, mistake, blunder

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