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Spanish Word: se

English Translation: refl. pron., himself, herself, itself, yourself;

Translated sentences containing 'se'
Por favor, no se mueva.
Please don’t move.
¿Se las diste?
Did you give them to him?
¡No se peguen!
¡Don't hit each other!
No se ensucien.
Do not get yourselves dirty.
¿Cómo se dice?
How does one say?
¿Se discute, se vota y se condena?
Is this being discussed, voted on and condemned?
No se altere.
Please do not get excited.
Se corregirá.
I am sure this will be corrected.
No se comprometen.
They will not commit themselves.
No se puede.
That is simply not possible!
No se recuperan.
You do not recover from it.
Se descontroló.
It got out of control.
¡No se celebrarán!
They will never take place!
Se divide y se enreda.
It is divided and getting bogged down.
Si no se ve, no se cree.
It was something that you had to see with your own eyes to believe.
No se arrepentirán, se lo garantizo.
They will not regret it, I can guarantee that.
Se cambió pero no se canceló.
It was commuted but not cancelled.
Se miente y se engaña.
It is full of lies and deception!
Se insta, se recomienda, se pide, se insiste mucho, pero a mi parecer se exige demasiado poco.
Appeals are made, recommendations are made, requests are made, things are emphasised, but, in my view, far too little is demanded.
Se asesina, se amenaza y se veja a periodistas.
Journalists are being killed, threatened and persecuted.
Se añade, se modifica, se cambian los Tratados.
Through such agreements, we add things, we amend things, we change the Treaties.
Se amplió y se prolongó la escolaridad.
Learning has become broader and longer.
Se pide más y no se consume.
More is requested and then is not used.
Los combates no se ganarán ni se perderán.
The conflict will neither be won or lost.
Por eso se propone que se suprima.
This is why we are proposing that it be removed.
¿Se reabrirá a los TIR? ¿No se reabrirá?
Will it reopen to heavy goods vehicles or not?
No se puede negar que se cometieron errores.
There is no denying that mistakes have been made.
Los bienes se compran y se venden.
Goods are bought and sold.
No se reescribirá Niza, esto se ha rechazado.
There is to be no rewriting of Nice - that has been refused.
Los árboles se talan o se queman.
Trees fall over or burn down.
Aquello se emitió y se debatió.
That was broadcast and discussed.
Cuando no se tiene confianza, no se inviste.
When we do not have confidence, we do not invest.
No se consiguió lo que se había programado.
What was planned was not achieved.
Se habla mucho, pero se actúa poco.
A lot of talking is going on, but there is very little action.
No se presentan pruebas, no se celebran juicios.
No evidence is produced, no trials take place.
No se indicó qué agencias se verían afectadas.
It was not indicated which agencies would be affected.
Esto no se llama equidad; se llama oportunismo.
This is not fairness; this is opportunism.
Se trata de permitir que se formen.
It is a question of allowing them to train.
Se puede mejorar y se mejorará.
It can - and it will - be improved.
Mientras más se hace, más se quiere.
A lot done; a lot more to do.
Si se es pobre, se sufre.
If you are poor, you suffer.
Se acordó que se celebraría un acuerdo.
It was agreed that there would be an agreement.
Si las empresas se desarrollan, se invertirá.
When businesses develop, investment will follow.
Señorías, solo se valora, solo se aprecia...
Ladies and gentlemen, we only value, we only appreciate ...
No que se revoca sino que se invalida.
Not just repealed, but invalid.
Se avanza lentamente, pero se avanza.
We are making slow progress, but we are making progress.
Se podía votar donde se desease votar.
Now they were also allowed to vote wherever they wanted.
¡Así no se construye Europa, sólo se administra!
This is not a recipe for shaping Europe, but merely for administering it.
La confianza no se decreta, se gana.
Confidence is not decreed; it is earned.
Se establecen reglas, pero estas no se cumplen.
Rules are laid down but not obeyed.
Se han cometido y se cometerán errores.
Mistakes have been and are still being made.
Se me dice que esto se hará mañana.
I have been told that this might be the case tomorrow.
Se puede llamar a esto como se quiera.
You can call it what you like.
Aquí, o se toma o se deja.
In this case we cannot have it both ways.
Nunca se sabe si no se omite nada.
You never know whether you have got everything.
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  sección - section
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