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Spanish Word: sencillez

English Translation: simplicity

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  sencillo,sencilla - simple
  sentido - sense
  sentimiento - regret
  señor - gentleman, sir, master, lord; Mr
  señora - lady, wimadam; Mrs
  señoría - lordship, excellency
  señorita - young lady; Miss
  sepa - pres. subj. of [saber]
  septiembre - September
  sepulcral - sepulchral; [lápida ----], tombstone
  sea) - to be; [por no ----], had it not been
  serie - series, list
  serio,seria - serious
  sermón - sermon
  servicio - service
  servil - servile
  sesenta - sixty
  si - conj., if, whether
  - adv., yes, indeed
  - refl. pron., himself, herself,...

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