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Spanish Word: podría

English Translation: cond. of [poder]

Translated sentences containing 'podría'
Por favor, ¿me podría dar un poquito de perejil?
Could you give me a little bit of parsley, please?
¿Podría usted preparar una comida sin carne?
Could you prepare a meal without meat?
¿Podría decirme cómo llegar del aeropuerto al hotel?
Would you tell me how to arrive to the hotel from the airport?
¿Podría traerme papas fritas en vez de ensalada?
Could I have french fries instead of salad?
¿Tienes un ordenador que yo podría usar?
Do you have a computer I could use?
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  poeta - poet
  policiaco,policiaca - relating to the police
  pompa - posolemnity
  pomposamente - pompously, splendidly
  pongamos - pres. subj. of [poner]
  ponte - imper. of ponerse
  Popocatepetl - a mountain of Mexico
  popular - popular
  por - by, through, for, as, along, over,...
  porfía - contest; [a ----], vying with one...
  porque - because
  portal - portal
  portería - main gate
  portero - janitor, doorkeeper
  Portugal - Portugal
  posada - inn
  posadero - innkeeper
  posesión - possession
  posible - possible
  precedente - precedent; preëminence, preference

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