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Spanish Word: posesión

English Translation: possession

Translated sentences containing 'posesión'
¡No habrías hablado de posesión!
You wouldn't have spoken of possession!
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  posible - possible
  precedente - precedent; preëminence, preference
  precepto - precept, command
  precio - price
  precioso,preciosa - precious, valuable
  precipitadamente - hastily, in a hurry
  precisamente - precisely, just
  preciso,precisa - necessary
  prefiere - pres. of preferir
  pregunta - question
  preludio - prelude
  prensa - press
  preparación - preparation,
  presa - booty
  presencia - presence
  presente - present, gift; [al ----], at present,...
  presidente - president
  preso,presa - taken, seized; p.p. of [prender]
  prevenido - p.p. of [prevenir]
  prima - cousin

Popular Phrase: ponerse conjugation reflexive | Spanish Lessons | Conjugated Verb: acudir - to attend, to be present frequently, to respond (to a call) [ click for full conjugation ]