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Spanish Word: pomposamente

English Translation: pompously, splendidly

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  pongamos - pres. subj. of [poner]
  ponte - imper. of ponerse
  Popocatepetl - a mountain of Mexico
  popular - popular
  por - by, through, for, as, along, over,...
  porfía - contest; [a ----], vying with one...
  porque - because
  portal - portal
  portería - main gate
  portero - janitor, doorkeeper
  Portugal - Portugal
  posada - inn
  posadero - innkeeper
  posesión - possession
  posible - possible
  precedente - precedent; preëminence, preference
  precepto - precept, command
  precio - price
  precioso,preciosa - precious, valuable
  precipitadamente - hastily, in a hurry

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