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Spanish Word: persona tímida

English Translation: wallflower

Translated sentences containing 'persona tímida'
¿De verdad eres una persona tímida?
Are you really a shy person?
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  parapeto - breastwork, parapet
  trompa - trunk (elephant)
  tarea - homework, chore, task
  bélgica - belgium
  faro delantero - headlamp
  digerible - digestible
  sección cónica - conic
  linterna eléctrica - flashlight
  daga - dagger
  humedad - humidity, sogginess
  secuestro - kidnapping
  había - there was,there were
  intermedio - intermediate, intervening
  lindo - cute, lovely, nice (place), pretty
  venado - deer, stag
  trabalenguas - tongue twister
  comillas - quotation marks
  adhesivo - adherent, adhesive
  perfectamente - faultlessly, perfectly
  escriba - scribe

Popular Phrase: sido in spanish | Conjugated Verb: escupir - to spit, to spit out [ click for full conjugation ]