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Spanish Word: secuestro

English Translation: kidnapping

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  había - there was,there were
  intermedio - intermediate, intervening
  lindo - cute, lovely, nice (place), pretty
  venado - deer, stag
  trabalenguas - tongue twister
  comillas - quotation marks
  adhesivo - adherent, adhesive
  perfectamente - faultlessly, perfectly
  escriba - scribe
  probable - likely, probable, prospective
  rudeza - rudeness
  contenidos - contents
  puntilloso - oversensitive
  receta médica - prescription
  cúbito - ulna
  hélice - helix, propeller
  preboste - provost
  trascendental - transcendental
  bucólico - bucolic
  ignorancia - ignorance

Popular Phrase: spanish preterite | Spanish immersion programs | Conjugated Verb: tragar - to swallow, drink up, gulp down; to absorb, soak up; to put up with [ click for full conjugation ]