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Spanish Word: tarea

English Translation: homework, chore, task

Translated sentences containing 'tarea'
Ellos no hacen la tarea.
They don't do the homework.
Hice mi tarea.
I did my homework.
Yo hice la tarea anoche.
I did the homework last night.
Termina la tarea.
Finish the homework.
Él hizo la tarea.
He did the assignment.
Es una tarea complicada.
This is an arduous task.
¡Una tarea nada fácil!
This was no mean feat!
Es nuestra tarea primordial.
That is our main task.
Es la próxima tarea.
That is our next task.
Es una tarea común.
It is a joint undertaking.
No es una tarea sencilla.
It is no easy task.
Esta tarea no es sencilla.
This task is not easy.
No es una tarea sencilla.
It is no easy task.
No va a ser tarea fácil.
This is not an easy task.
Colaboremos en esa tarea.
Let us work together to that end.
No es una tarea fácil.
This is not an easy task.
La tarea no será sencilla.
This will be a very difficult task.
No es tarea fácil.
That is no easy task.
No es una tarea fácil.
That is no small task.
No será tarea fácil.
It will not be easy.
No es una tarea menor.
This is no mean task.
Es una tarea ingente.
That is a tall order.
No es tarea fácil.
It is not an easy task.
Es una tarea comunitaria.
It is a Community task.
No es tarea fácil.
This is not an easy task.
Es una ardua tarea.
It is a big job.
No tiene una tarea fácil.
They do not have an easy task.
No es tarea fácil.
That will not be an easy task.
La tarea que tenemos por delante es una gran tarea.
The task ahead of us is a great task.
Y nuestra tarea es impedirlo.
It is now our task to counteract this.
Esta es ahora nuestra tarea.
This is now our task.
Esto es una tarea imposible.
This is an impossible job.
La tarea será realmente difícil.
His task will certainly be a difficult one.
No ha sido una tarea fácil.
It has not been an easy task.
¿Cuál es mi tarea aquí?
What is my brief here?
Esta tarea debe recibir apoyo.
This work must have support.
Conseguir eso no será tarea fácil.
This is no mean feat.
No es tarea de un Parlamento.
It is not Parliament’s job.
Es una tarea crucial, no imposible.
This is a crucial task, and not an impossible one.
Esto me lleva a la segunda tarea.
That brings me, of course, to the second task.
A ellos les corresponde la tarea.
The onus is on them.
Esa es nuestra principal tarea.
This is our main task.
Nos espera una tarea ingente.
A huge task therefore awaits us.
Ésta es la tarea clave.
That is the key task.
Evidentemente, no va a ser tarea fácil.
It will obviously be a difficult task.
No ha sido una tarea fácil.
It was no easy task.
Esa tarea corresponde a cada país.
That is a task for the individual countries.
Esta es la tercera tarea.
That is the third task.
Nuestra tarea apenas ha comenzado.
Our task is just beginning.
Esa es nuestra auténtica tarea.
That is our real task.
Se enfrenta a una tarea imposible.
You have an impossible task.
No es ésta una tarea fácil.
This is not an easy task.
Debemos conceder prioridad a esa tarea.
We must give this task our priority.
No puede ser ésta nuestra tarea.
That cannot be what we should be doing!
Es su tarea hacerlo así.
It is their task to carry it out.
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