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Spanish Word: nocivo

English Translation: harmful, poisonous

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  el nogal - walnut, walnut tree
  nimio - trivial, insignificant
  la navaja - penknife, jackknife, razor, razor clam
  nefando - odious, abominable, unspeakable
  naciente - new, incipient, rising (said of the...
  el narcotraficante, la narcotraficante - drug dealer, drug trafficker
  el naipe - playing card
  el nailon - nylon
  las natillas - custard
  el ñu - gnu
  la Nochevieja - New Year's Eve
  malhablado - foul-mouthed
  el museo - museum, gallery
  mundial - world (as an adjective), worldwide
  las Montañas Rocosas - Rocky Mountains
  la mora - blackberry, mulberry
  el modus vivendi - way of life
  el modista, la modista - fashion designer, clothing designer,...
  la madrastra - stepmother
  el maíz - corn (American English), maize...

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