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Spanish Word: intención

English Translation: intention

Translated sentences containing 'intención'
Dice Paco que Uds. descompusieron el tocadiscos con toda intención.
Paco says that your record player broke down yesterday.
Con la mejor intención
with the best intention
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  desaseo - dissoluteness, libertinism,...
  camuflaje - camouflage
  mimo - mime
  restrictivo - restrictively
  jerez - sherry
  suegra - mother-in-law
  comercialmente - commercially
  bochorno - sultriness
  imperfección - imperfection
  dividido - divided
  anticuado - obsolete, old fashioned,...
  remordimiento - remorse
  desempleo - unemployment
  determinativo - destining, determinant
  distrito electoral - constituency
  iluminado - illumines, lighted
  rentista - old age pensioner, retired person
  musulmán - Muslim
  provecho - gain, profit
  jerga - slang, jargon, lingo

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