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Spanish Word: céntimo

English Translation: a quarter of a cent

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  central - central
  centro - center
  cepillo - eraser
  cequí - sequin, a gold coin formerly used in...
  cera - wax
  cerca - near, about; =---- de,= near to
  cercano,cercana - near, neighboring
  cerdo - pig
  cereales - m. pl., cereals
  cero - zero
  cerrado,cerrada - closed
  ciego,ciega - blind
  cielo - heaven; sky
  cien - one hundred
  ciencia - science
  ciento - one hundred
  cierra - pres. of [cerrar]
  ciertamente - certainly, surely
  cierto,cierta - certain, sure; [por ----], for certain;
  cierto - indef. pron., a certain; some

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