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Spanish Word: cafeto

English Translation: coffee tree

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  caído - p.p. of [caer]
  Cairo (el) - capital of Egypt
  caja - box
  cajita - little box
  calado - fretwork; open embroidery
  calado - p.p. of [calar], to put on
  Calatrava - a ruined town of Spain; [orden de...
  calaverada - silly action; trick
  calidad - quality
  cálido,cálida - warm
  caliente - warm; [andar ----], to be comfortable
  califa - caliph
  calma - calmness
  calor - heat; [hace ----], it is warm
  calzado - shoes
  calle - street
  cama - bed; [meterse en ----], to take to...
  cámara - room, chamber; [ayuda de ----], valet
  camarada - comrade
  camello - camel

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