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Spanish Word: aunque

English Translation: although

Translated sentences containing 'aunque'
Aunque es taxista, no conoce la ciudad.
Although he is a taxi driver, he doesn't know the city.
Aunque no tiene pasaporte, le rellenó la ficha.
Although he doesn't have a passport, he filled in the card for him.
Aunque el barco se me hunda sé que yo podré nadar.
Even if the boat sinks, I will be able to swim.
Aunque sea tarde, se presenta a la recepción.
Although it's late, she shows up at the reception.
Aunque fuera clara, no le gustaba.
Although it was clear, he didn't like it.
Aunque tenga que decirlo.
Even I have to say it.
Gracias, aunque me se interrumpa.
Thank you, even if I am interrupting.
Aunque eso no es todo.
It is not the whole story, though.
Aunque no dejásemos de esperarlos.
Although that is what we would have liked to have seen.
Aunque existe, no se respeta.
We do have one, but it is not being respected.
Aunque todos salen ganando.
But there are gains there for everyone.
Aunque lo lamentemos, así es.
We of course regret this, but the fact remains.
No la rechazarían ni aunque pudieran.
They will not opt out even if they could.
   – Y así será, aunque no inmediatamente.
   – And so you shall, but not immediately.
Aunque, realmente, con una basta...
Although really, one speaker is enough …
Aunque puede que no sea suficiente.
Yet that may not be enough.
Aunque no cualquier clase de consumo.
Not any kind of consumption, however.
No, no es "fracaso", aunque bien podría.
No, it is not 'failure' - although it could be.
Aunque no quedan excluidos ciertos riesgos.
But not without some dangers.
Despierta expectativas, aunque también puede generar decepciones.
It raises expectations, but it can also lead to disappointment.
Aunque sea triste decirlo, afecta también a otras.
Sadly, it affects other nations as well.
Esta propuesta, aunque satisfactoria, no es bastante precisa.
This proposal, though satisfactory, is not sufficiently precise.
También acepto la declaración, aunque con renuencia.
I also accept the declaration, albeit reluctantly.
Fue sólo un paso adelante, aunque importante.
This was one step forward, but an important one.
Yo respeto esto, aunque no comparto esa opinión.
Although it is not an opinion that I share, it is one that I respect.
Aunque no la apoyo totalmente, es un compromiso.
Even though I do not give it my wholehearted support, it is a compromise that has taken form there.
Aunque no llego a comprender esa estrategia, me he resignado.
Although I have been unable to see the point of this strategy to date, I have reconciled myself to it.
Llevaba algo puesto, aunque sólo el pijama.
He was wearing some clothes, but only his night attire.
No estaba allí, aunque debería haber estado.
It is not there, even though it ought to be.
Aunque en su caso fue por aclamación.
Although in your case it was by acclamation.
Logré, aunque con dificultad, sacarlo a la luz.
I succeeded, with some difficulty, in unearthing it.
Aunque supongo que es un primer paso.
I suppose it is a start, though.
Aunque resulta decepcionante que no tengamos más.
It is disappointing that there are not more.
Quieren integrarse, aunque manteniendo su identidad.
They want to integrate, while retaining their identity.
Apoyaremos el compromiso, aunque con algunas reservas.
We shall support the compromise, if not wholeheartedly.
Aunque este punto es importante, resulta insuficiente.
This is important but it is not enough.
Aunque no lo parezca, están siempre en peligro.
Although it may not always be apparent, they are always under threat.
Eso esperamos, aunque no estamos totalmente convencidos.
We hope so, but are not completely convinced.
Aunque podemos apoyar este movimiento, no podemos precipitarlo.
While we can support this movement, we cannot rush it.
Aunque hoy, en Francia, cuando hablamos…
Although in France today, when we talk …
Aunque va un poco más lejos.
But it does something more than that.
Rusia sigue siendo una democracia, aunque imperfecta.
Russia continues to be a democracy, albeit an imperfect one.
Acepto la resolución, aunque con estas reservas.
I agree with the resolution, albeit with these reservations.
Esta es la realidad, aunque sea negativa.
This is the real, but negative item.
Pero yo sí, aunque la haya modificado.
I, for my part, do, however, even though I have amended it.
Aunque difieren, también comparten características comunes.
Although they differ, they also share some common traits.
Y aunque no necesitamos organizarla, tenemos que actuar.
We really do need to organise it, though; we need to act!
Aunque no solo se trata de dinero.
This is not just about money, though.
Pudiera ocurrir, aunque no lo considero muy probable.
It may happen although I do not think it too likely.
Este hecho es positivo, aunque no suficiente.
That is positive, but it is not enough.
Aunque, repito, depende sobre todo de Cuba.
Although, I repeat, this is also or primarily up to Cuba.
Aunque definimos los objetivos, éstos no son vinculantes.
Although we define targets, they are not binding.
Tales personas son normalmente, aunque no siempre, mujeres.
Those in question are usually, but not always, women.
Aunque, por lo visto, no en este Parlamento.
Not in this Parliament, though, it seems.
Aunque a veces el diálogo resulte muy difícil.
Dialogue, even if a very difficult dialogue.
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