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Spanish Word: ángel

English Translation: angel

Translated sentences containing 'ángel'
Ángel no sabe cuál es su signo.
Angel doesn't know which his sign is.
Nuestro profesor de griego se llamaba Ángel Mateos. Sabía su materia perfectamente.
Our Greek professor's name was Ángel Mateos. He knew his subject perfectly.
La bailarina bailaba como un ángel.
The ballerina was dancing like an angel.
Tú habías soñado con un ángel.
You had dreamed with an angel.
Ángel tiene que leer el periódico.
Ángel has to read the newspaper.
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  angosto,angosta - narrow
  ánima - soul; spirit
  animado,animada - animated, lively
  animal - animal; fool, jackass
  ánimo - courage, spirits
  anoche - last night
  ansiosamente - anxiously
  ante - prep., before
  anterior - front; former
  antes - adv., before; sooner, rather,...
  antiguo,antigua - old, ancient
  Antonio - Anthony
  anuncio - announcement
  añil - indigo
  año - year; [tiene ocho --s], he is eight...
  apariencia - appearance
  apartado,apartada - secluded, out of the way
  apellido - surname
  apenas - scarcely, hardly
  apetito - appetite

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