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Spanish Word: angosto,angosta

English Translation: narrow

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  ánima - soul; spirit
  animado,animada - animated, lively
  animal - animal; fool, jackass
  ánimo - courage, spirits
  anoche - last night
  ansiosamente - anxiously
  ante - prep., before
  anterior - front; former
  antes - adv., before; sooner, rather,...
  antiguo,antigua - old, ancient
  Antonio - Anthony
  anuncio - announcement
  añil - indigo
  año - year; [tiene ocho --s], he is eight...
  apariencia - appearance
  apartado,apartada - secluded, out of the way
  apellido - surname
  apenas - scarcely, hardly
  apetito - appetite
  apodo - nickname; [poner un ----], to give a...

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