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Spanish Word: antes

English Translation: adv., before; sooner, rather, =--de,--que,= prep.,

Translated sentences containing 'antes'
Ya lo habíamos discutido antes.
We had discussed it before.
No hagas nada la noche antes del viaje.
Don't do anything the night before the trip.
Tómese dos pastillas antes de acostarse.
Take two pills before bed.
antes de hacerle preguntas, si así lo quiere.
before any questions, if you wish.
Está antes de la esquina.
It's before the corner.
Antes no existía.
There was no such consensus previously.
Antes no podíamos.
This was not the case before.
Antes no puedo.
Until then I am unable to do so.
Hay otro informe antes.
There is another report first.
Cuanto antes desaparezca, mejor.
The sooner he disappears, the better things will be.
He intentado convencerla antes.
I have already tried to convince her of the need for this.
Deberíamos haber actuado antes.
We should have acted earlier.
Ni un minuto antes.
Not a moment before, however.
¿Qué sucedía antes?
What happened before they did so?
- Antes de la votación:
- Before the final vote:
- Antes de la votación:
- Before the final vote:
Así era antes.
That is how it was.
Antes no existía nada parecido.
There has been nothing of this kind available in the past.
Se hará cuanto antes.
That will be done as soon as possible.
Lo otro ocurrió antes.
The other vote came earlier.
Un «antes» y «después».
A 'before' and an 'after' .
Naturalmente, no podía ser antes.
This, of course, could not have been done earlier.
Acabamos de verlo antes.
We have already seen this in the past.
Podría haber llegado antes.
It might have come more quickly.
Cuanto antes lleguen, mejor.
The faster a peacekeeping force is got there, the better.
¿Qué hemos hecho antes?
What have we done previously?
Está cerrado: 37 diputados antes del Pleno; antes del Pleno.
It is closed: 37 Members before the sitting; before the sitting.
Esto se debe ratificar lo antes posible, antes de 2012.
This must all be ratified as soon as possible, before 2012.
Nunca antes se había hecho.
It had never been done before.
Antes no era así en absoluto.
They were not able to before.
Antes hemos hablado de Camboya.
Earlier we spoke about Cambodia.
Ya he pasado antes por esto.
I have been through this before.
Antes de nada, la ampliación.
I would like to start with enlargement.
Antes hemos dicho algo crítico.
It is true that we were rather critical earlier.
Nada puede ser como antes.
The entire situation has changed.
Antes hizo exactamente lo mismo.
You did exactly the same earlier.
Ya hemos debatido esto antes.
We have had this discussion before.
¡No corramos antes de saber andar!
Let us not run before we can walk!
Cuanto antes lo hagamos, mejor.
The sooner we do that, the better.
Antes he mencionado el término «referéndum».
I mentioned the term ‘referendum’ before.
¿No habríamos podido hacer nada antes?
Is there nothing we could have done earlier?
- Antes de la votación final:
- Before the final vote:
- Antes de la votación final:
- Before the final vote:
- Antes de la votación final:
- Before the final vote:
- Antes de la votación final:
- Before the final vote:
Eso, he dicho antes, es Europa.
As I said before, this is Europe.
Cuando antes se haga, mejor.
The sooner this is done, the better.
La necesitamos lo antes posible.
We need it as soon as possible.
- Antes de la votación final:
- Before the final vote:
Antes he oído hablar de delincuencia.
I heard talk earlier of crime.
Preferiría que pudiera ser antes.
I would prefer it to be sooner.
Lo suscribimos antes que nadie.
We delivered before anybody else.
¿Se podría haber actuado antes?
Could it have been taken earlier?
¿Se podría haber actuado antes?
Could action not have been taken earlier?
He reflexionado mucho antes de venir.
Before coming, I reflected a lot.
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