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Spanish Word: amado,amada

English Translation: beloved

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  amarillo,amarilla - yellow
  ambos,ambas - both
  América - America; [la -- del Sur], South America
  americano,americana - American
  amigo - friend
  amiguito - friend
  amo - master, owner
  amor - love, affection
  amoroso,amorosa - loving
  Ana - Anna
  anciano,anciana - old
  ancho,ancha - broad, wide; =¿cuánto tiene el canal...
  anchura - width
  anduvo - past abs. of [andar]
  anécdota - anecdote
  ángel - angel
  angosto,angosta - narrow
  ánima - soul; spirit
  animado,animada - animated, lively
  animal - animal; fool, jackass

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