Verb Traer - to bring  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Verb Traer - to bring

The verb traer (conjugation) means "to bring". It is irregular in different tenses. See the conjugation in present tense below.

yo traigo (I bring)
traes (you bring)
Ud./él/ella trae (you/he/she brings)
nosotros (as) traemos (we bring)
vosotros (as) traéis (you guys bring)
Uds./ellos/ ellas traen (you all/they bring)

Sentences using traer in the present tense

Yo traigo los boletos.

I bring the tickets.

traes comida.

You bring food.

Él trae refrescos.

He brings drinks.

Nosotros traemos flores.

We come to eat.

Vosotras traéis mesas.

You all bring tables.

Las chicas traen otras revistas.

The girls bring other magazines.

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