Forms of Poner  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Verb Poner - to put

The verb poner (conjugation) has a lot of meanings: "to put", "to name", "to place", "to lay", etc. It is also used in the reflexive form ponerse which means "to put on", "to get", "to apply oneself". It is irregular. In the present tense, the ending er changes to go in the (yo) form (first person singular).

yo pongo (I put)
pones (you put)
Ud/él/ella pone (you/he/she puts)
nosotros (as) ponemos (we have)
vosotros (as) ponéis (you guys put)
Uds/ellos/ellas ponen (you all/they put)

Sentences using poner in the present tense

¿Dónde lo pongo?
Where do I place it?

pones los platos.
You place the dishes.

Él pone los cubiertos.
He puts the silverware.

Nosotras ponemos las botellas.
We (female) put the bottles.

Vosotras ponéis las flores.
You all (female) place the flowers.

Ellos ponen la comida.
They put the food (on the table).

Present tense sentences with pongo
Present tense sentences with pones
Present tense sentences with pone
Present tense sentences with ponemos
Present tense sentences with ponen

componer (conjugation)
imponer (conjugation)
disponer (conjugation)
and other verbs derived from poner also follow the same pattern with the exception of the imperative tense.

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