Stem-Changing Verbs - (o) changes to (ue)  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Irregular - (o) changes to (ue)

The verbs volar (to fly), poder (to be able) are irregular in the present tense. When conjugated, (o) changes to (ue) (with the exception of nosotros and vosotros). The conjugations of the verbs are shown in the tables below:

volar (conjugation)

yo vuelo (I fly)
vuelas (you fly)
Ud/él/ella vuela (you/he/she flies)
nosotros (as) volamos (we fly)
vosotros (as) voláis (you fly)
Uds/ellos/ellas vuelan (you all/they fly)

poder (conjugation)

yo puedo (I am able)
puedes (you are able)
Ud/él/ella puede (you/he/she is able)
nosotros (as) podemos (we are able)
vosotros (as) podéis (you guys are able)
Uds/ellos/ellas pueden (you all/they are able)

Yo vuelo a México.
I fly to Mexico.

Tú vuelas en avión.
You fly by plane.

Nosotros volamos alto.
We fly high.

No puedo ver.
I can't see.

Puedes usar otras fotos.
You can use other photos.

Julia y yo podemos...
Julia and I are able to...

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