Interactive Quizlets with stem-changing verbs - o to ue 2  

Irregular - (o) changes to (ue)
Quiz 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of recordar. Say the sentence.

Example: No _____ . - I don't remember.

Answer: No recuerdo.

1. Tú _____ a tu amigo.
You remember your friend.

2. El niño _____ los números.
The young boy remember the numbers.

3. Ellas _____ a su hermana.
They remember their sister.

4. No lo _____ .
I don't remember it.

5. No _____ su nombre.
I don't remember his/her name.

6. Él no _____ el incidente.
He does not remember the incident.

7. Él _____ los viejos tiempos.
He remembers the old times.

8. Nosotros _____ la buenas memorias.
We remember the good memories.

9. Mi abuela no _____ nada.
My grandmother doesn't remember anything.

10. Luisa no ______ la receta.
Luisa doesn't remember the recipe.

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Quiz 2
Answers 2

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