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Spanish Vocabulary Lessons for Children

The more Spanish vocabulary a child knows, the more he or she will be able to understand what they hear and the better they will be able to say what they want to when speaking. Our free lessons will allow your child to learn much more than the Spanish children's vocabulary below:

Spanish English
Por Please
Gracias Thank you
Hola Hello
Adiós Goodbye
Necesito I need
Quiero I want
Pequeño Small
Grande Big
Bien Well
Mal Bad
Me gusta I like
No me gusta I don’t like
Alto Stop
Adelante Go
Lo siento I’m sorry
Gato Cat
Perro Dog

Below are the guidelines we used to develop the Spanish vocabulary lessons for children:

Teach new words as part of a meaningful subject-matter lesson and provide games and fun quizzes which require students to use the new words. Ensure that students hear the correct pronunciation of the word - the syllable structure and stress pattern of the word assists the child to remember the word. Teach related words in groups to help students understand how words are interrelated. Provide many examples of use. Require the child to correctly utilize the word in games and quizzes. Connect new vocabulary words to something with which the children are already familiar. Provide tools which give children opportunities to paraphrase the definition of a new word so that they can identify the main concept associated with the word. Give children the opportunity to acquire new vocabulary using a variety of learning modalities or formats that actively engage them in the learning process.

Useful Spanish Phrases Classroom

While studying Spanish, a child will hear or read many new Spanish words. A child can’t possibly learn all these new words the first time they hear them, this is why repetition is so important. Our Spanish lessons for children are designed specifically for the way children learn. If you are not a kid, you may benefit more from our free Spanish for Beginners - Spanish 101 course, depending on your current level of Spanish.

Our Spanish lessons present the words that are important to children
Our lessons use repetition so that a child will read or hear the words again and again
Our lessons present the words that children will want to use often
Our Spanish lessons do NOT present words that are rare or not useful
Our Spanish lessons allow the child to hear how the word is pronounced
Our Spanish lessons make associations using pictures
Our Spanish lessons put the words into many different groups
Our lessons provide games and fun quizzes to test the child's knowledge

Children remember words better if they do something with them. Our Spanish lessons provide an extensive variety of Spanish games and quizzes so that a child never has to do the same activity twice. If you would like a private online Spanish tutor for your children, please try the experienced Spanish tutors at NuLengua.

Common Spanish Phrases for School

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Spanish Words for Beginners

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