Saber vs Conocer  

Spanish Grammar Present Indicative Saber vs Conocer

The verb conocer (conjugation) means "to know someone" or "to be familiar with a place". It is irregular in the present tense. The ending c changes to zc in the (yo) form (first person singular).

yo conozco (I know)
conoces (you know)
Ud/él/ella conoce (you/he/she knows)
nosotros (as) conocemos (we know)
vosotros (as) conocéis (you guys know)
Uds/ellos/ellas conocen (you all/they know)

Yo conozco a María.
I know María.
(I have met María.)

¿Conoces Bilbao?
Do you know Bilbao?
(Have you been to Bilbao?)

Nosotros conocemos al jefe.
We know the boss.
(We have met the boss.)

Es una historia que muchos conocen.
It's a story that many people know.
(It's a story that many people have heard.)

The verb saber (conjugation) means "to know". It is irregular in the present tense.

yo (I know)
sabes (you know)
Ud./él/ella sabe (you/he/she knows)
nosotros (as) sabemos (we know)
vosotros (as) sabéis (you guys know)
Uds./ellos/ ellas saben (you all/they know)

The verb saber (to know) is used when we speak of knowing facts, something we know by heart, or when know how to do something. Let's review a few examples:

Yo no sé si María lo conoce.
I don't know if María knows him.

...porque no sabes nadar
...because you don't know how to swim.

No sé preparar ese platillo.
I don't know how to prepare that dish.

Sabemos que es una clase de inglés y que se reúne los lunes y miércoles.
We know it's an English class and that it meets Mondays and Wednesdays.

¿Qué saben ellos de este cuento?
What do they know about this tale?

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