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We use personal pronouns to talk about people without naming them. They substitute the noun and are usually used for emphasis or to avoid confusion. The personal pronouns are presented below.

yo I
él he, him or it
ella she, her, or it
usted (Ud.) you (formal)
nosotros (as) we, us
vosotros (as)* you all
ellos they
ellas they (females)
ustedes (Uds.) you all (formal)

*vosotros (as) are mainly used in Spain.

    Yo quiero un teléfono celular.
    I want a cell phone.

    tienes que aprender las palabras.
    You have to learn the words.

    ¿Está él o ella aquí hoy?
    Is he or she here today?

    Usted va a trabajar con Marta.
    You're going to work with Marta.

    Nosotros diremos la verdad.
    We will tell the truth.

    ¿En qué ciudad viven ellos?
    What city do they live in?

    Ellas van a bajar del carro.
    They're going to get out of the car.

    Ustedes fueron muy imprudentes.
    You all were very imprudent.


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