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The Spanish direct object pronouns are used to substitute for direct objects.

me me
te you
lo him, you, it
la her, you, it
nos us
os you all (familiar)
los them, you all
las them, you all

Nosotros lavamos el carro. Nosotros lo lavamos.
We wash the car. We wash it.

(direct object - el carro)
(direct object pronoun - lo)

Ellos trajeron las mochilas. Ellos las trajeron.
They brought the backpacks. They brought them.

(direct object - las mochilas)
(direct object pronoun - las)

The Direct Object Pronouns can also go after the verb.

Nosotros queremos ver a Susana en su casa. Nosotros queremos verla en su casa.
We want to see Susana in her house. We want to see her in her house.

(direct object - a Susana)
(direct object pronoun - la)

Other examples:

Póngalo en el camión. - Put it on the truck.
Te lo enviamos. - We send it to you.
¿Se la vas a dar a ella? - Are you going to give it to her?
Yo lo leo. - I read it.


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