Direct Object Pronouns - include  

Direct Object Pronouns

Direct object pronouns are sometimes used for clarity or emphasis.
They can be used for something or someone previously mentioned.


¿Me vio? - Did you see me?
Te oí. - I heard you.
Lo conocí. - I knew him. or I knew you.
Lo conocí a él. - I knew him.
Lo conocí a usted. - I knew you.
Yo me miré en el espejo. - I looked at myself in the mirror.


me - me (singular)

te - you (singular)

lo - him, you, it (singular)

la - her, you, it (singular)

nos - us (plural)

os - you, familiar (plural)

los - them, you (plural)

las - them, you (plural)

Yo quise la pelota. - I wanted the ball.
La quise. - I wanted it

Leí el periódico. - You read the newspaper.
Lo leí. - You read it.

Ella compró pollo. - She bought chicken.
Ella lo compró. - She bought it.

Vi los perros. - I saw the dogs.
Los vi. - I saw them.

Busqué mi libro. - I looked for my book.
Lo busqué. - I looked for it.

El señor compró una mesa. - The gentleman bought a table.
El señor la compró. - The gentleman bought it.

La niña vendió limonada. - The girl sold lemonade.
La niña la vendió. - The girl sold it.

Elena dio una contribución. - Elena gave a contribution.
Elena la dio. - Elena gave it.

Juan comió un burrito. - Juan ate a burrito.
Juan lo comió. - Juan ate it.

Rosa cocinó puerco. - Rosa cooked pork.
Rosa lo cocinó. - Rosa cooked it.

Yo les a mis primas. - I saw my cousins.
Las vi. - I saw them.

Mis primas no le conocieron a Juan. - My cousins didn't know Juan.
Mis primas no lo conocieron. - My cousins didn't know him.

Mis hermanos les conocieron a mis amigos. - My brothers knew my friends.
Mis hermanos los conocieron. - My brothers knew them.

Nosotros les vimos a los muchachos. - We saw the boys.
Nosotros los vimos. - We saw them.

Ellos quisieron dar un regalo. - They wanted to give a gift.
Ellos quisieron darlo. - They wanted to give it.

Carlos le mató a Juan. - Carlos killed Juan.
Carlos lo mató. - Carlos killed him.

Isabel saltó la cuerda. - Isabel jumped the rope.
Isabel la saltó. - Isabel jumped it.

Tú le visitaste a Elena. - You visited Elena.
Tú la visitaste. - You visited her.

Tus padres le visitaron a Juan. - Your parents visited Juan.
Tus padres lo visitaron. - Your parents visited him.

Yo les oí a mis hermanas en la casa. - I heard my sisters in the house.
Yo las oí en la casa. - I heard them in the house.

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