Vocabulary   By Ron Slone

á duras penas - with great difficulty
á la larga - in the long run
á medida que - in proportion as
á mejor andar - at best
á plazos - in instalments
ajeno - averse
apagado - extinguished, dull (colours)
asentar - to book (an order)
chillones - gaudy, screaming (colours)
claro - light (colours)
claro y redondo - (quite clearly)
columna - column
con el corazón en la mano - quite candidly
confeccionar - to make up
confesar - to confess
conservas alimenticias - preserves
definir - to define (also to settle)
dificultad - difficulty
ensayo - trial, proof, venture
escoger - to choose
exceder - to exceed
facilidad - ease, facility
fijo - fixed, firm
fondos - grounds (pictures, cloth)
gana de buena - willingly
gana de mala) - unwillingly
ganga - a bargain
langosta - lobster
mariscos - shell-fish
muestrarios - pattern cards, sets
oscuro - dark
paquete - packet, parcel
no poder menos de... - not to be able to help
puntos - points, spots (in prints)
restos - remnants
sacar - to pull out, to get out, to get back
sardinas - sardines
satines brochados - brocaded satins
serie - series
sin mirar á gastos - regardless of expense
sobrio - quiet (colour)
solidez - solidity
tomar á mal - to take amiss
vivo - vivid, bright (colours)
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Popular Phrase: vivir | Conjugated Verb: cifrar - cipher, encipher, scramble [ click for full conjugation ]

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