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aficionado (á) - fond of
ansioso - eager
activo y pasivo - assets and liabilities
apetecer - to desire, to covet
bastante bien - fairly well
buscar - to look for, to search
buscarse - to bring upon oneself
cuenta de ganancias y pérdidas - profit and loss account
cauteloso - cautious
cauto - cautious
contrincante - competitor
detenidamente - fully
disturbado - disturbed, upset
trastornado - disturbed, upset
escala - scale
inquilino - tenant
ir á - to lead to
operaciones - operations, dealings
productividad (en máquinas) - efficiency
productividad (cartera de un banco) - earnings
plaza - market place, square, place
poner al corriente - to inform
repentino - sudden
traspapelado - mislaid (of papers)
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