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inversión extranjera - foreign investment
acceder - to accede
afanarse - to exert oneself, to take much trouble
ahorrar - to save
ajuste - adjustment
franquicias - franchises
amistad - friendship
aparentar - to show outwardly
aprovecharse - to take advantage of, to avail oneself
aproximarse - to approach, to draw near
automóvil - auto, car
bultos - packages
cuotas sindicales - union dues
disponer - to dispose, to arrange
echar al correo - to mail(throw into the post)
empeoramiento - deterioration
en blanco - blank
costos suprimidos - sunk costs
forzar - to force, to strain
largo detalle - full, complete
molestia - trouble
moratoria - extension of time (for payment)
para estar - to be on the point of ...
estar por escribir - to be yet unwritten
previsión - foresight
suspender los pagos - to stop payments
trocar - to barter, to exchange
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